Thursday, October 26, 2006

Coming Up This Weekend!

I'll be in Toronto this weekend. So the city will be twice as exciting thanks to my visit. Or maybe I should say half as boring? Hehehe!

"Don't hate me, because I'm beautiful! Don't hate me, because I'm the best. Just love me, like all the rest do!"


Anyways, I'm going to Laura K. Preston's Halloween party at her appartment, nicknamed "the Dav" (It's on a street called Davenport). There's be a bunch of treeplanters, so I'm expecting some pure, basic fun! I got a great costume, but there's no way I'm spoiling it! Fuck you guys!

Can't wait to see LKP, HP, Cal, Butler, Adam, Lambo, James, Laura Rae, Johnny Boy and all the others that might show up!

Bunch of pictures of ridiculously drunk people in hilarious costumes guaranteed!

Halloween costumes ideas? (Or how to recycle old pics...)

Alex from Clockwork Orange. Now married and living in EdMONOTON (I mean, even the website is bland!). Bitter? Me? Come on!

√Črica Legault as a cabaret girl. Intersting! She's now...somewhere...

Astroboy. A little awkward in a mosh pit. Trust me.

I'm gladly leaving you with that disturbing picture in mind. Time to go to bed, early and exhausted, which is good!


At 7:12 PM, Anonymous Charlotte rants...

i can't get over the hilariousness of that picture! i showed it to all of my friends when you originially sent it to me and they've all agreed that if you ever came to Utah you would have free parties and beer for as long as you stayed. as long as you put on pants ;)

At 8:30 PM, Blogger Tupperfan rants...

Free parties and beer?!? For keeping my pants on?!? How long do I have to keep them? ;op

I might take you to your word one of those days. Don't let me down, I could write a review about Utah hospitality in an influential Canadian Travel Magazine...


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