Monday, October 02, 2006


There was a huge party for the Banff people at my place last saturday. We were also celebrating Stéphane's birthday, so happy b-day my friend! It turned out great and crazy, as we like it!

Here's a few pics of us getting wasted, destroying a place (mine, sadly), ruining my roommate Sandra's laptop with beer (We don't have pics of that, but it really sucked! We might get it fixed though...) and seeing every couple in the place fighting (hehehehe).

Let's start with a group picture. It was taken pretty early and there's a dozen people missing, plus a bunch of my great neighbours that showed up much later...

Xavier helping me decorating the place...Yes, we are juvenile!

Stéti's first mess of the night.

Another group pic featuring Marie-Michelle's HUGE tongue!

Every time, it just looks like there's too many tongue action involved in our partys...

See what I mean? Tanya and me pretending to kiss. Yes, I'm wearing my Banff Keller Foods grocery uniform!

Marie-Michelle, Valérie, Rémi and "friend of Derek whose name kind of vanished with alcohol vapors"...Yes, Rémi is wearing a Banff Voyager Inn uniform!

Stéti's second mess...At least he's cleaning up! Others didn't go that far!

And the title for being the first one to fall asleep again goes to... Francis!!!

Keeping with the tongue theme. A lot of people kissed that night. Tania said no one would kiss her...

Rockstar Brother with Tanya, Derek and Rémi's girlfriend,, I don't remember! Dammit!

My brother is still standing, along with complete strangers who went to the wrong party but decided to stay. Would have been cooler if they were...girls!!!

Rough night for Xavier, Stéphane and Jérôme. Please note how great my furniture items match together. Olivier enjoying a sausage...

...and so does Jérôme

Yep, he woke up in the exact same position in the morning!

So that's about it, I again promised myself I should be in bed and I again lied to myself!!! I'll post a few more tomorrow.

Time to go say a shitload of ZzzZZZZzzzZZZZzzzz...


At 3:55 PM, Anonymous Anonymous rants...

I just started reading your blog through your link off trekweb. I'm also from Montreal. Looks like you had a great time, man.

At 1:04 PM, Anonymous Charlotte rants...

tup, that looks so fun! i LOVE your crazy party pictures, you should come down to salt lake this week and party out at my birthday party!


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