Friday, November 03, 2006

It Was You...

It was you who broke my heart again
It was you who broke my heart again

I used to womanize tell you lies
More times give you bad vibes
Antagonize, chastize

I guess that's why I lost my prize
I always had crotches and dollars on my brain
And now that I've changed it's too late to explain

It was you who broke my heart again
It was you who broke my heart again

I think about you every passing day
It's like the pain of the past will never go away
The deceit the lies the games the heart plays
And now I'm dying because you didn't stay

And this is no love song
For the thrill is gone
But the vibe is ever strong
Old flames burn on and on

It was you who broke my heart again
It was you who broke my heart again

Do you know how sad it is to see
Destruction of the greatest love that be
Left with you and me
Drowning in a hateful sea

Kinda sad but true...

-It Was You, RACE

This reggae/ska song was in my head for a while but I couldn't find it anywhere. I finally did, and now I know why it was so hard. The band, Race, did just one album back in 1997. They are from Toronto but got recorded on the Montréal scene, thanks to Indica. Their music is mostly reggae, but with strong punk/ska influences and when I hard that song again, despite sounding quite cliché, the sound is just great. I understand why it was stuck in my head for so long.

It's the way I feel.

Despite all my efforts, everywhere I went to avoid her, everybody I've been with to forget her, there's still one girl I can't forget about. I miss her, I love her and it pisses me big time! She's in my dreams. But not those ones you're conscious about, the ones you wished you'd sleep through...

But there's nothing I can do, she's gone, she's with someone and she's done. I made mistakes, I'm paying for it and, well, I believe you can miss the love of your life if you're not responsible/conscious/aware/intelligent enough.

Too bad.

It was me...


At 9:01 PM, Anonymous Kéké rants...

Dude, je veux ABSOLUMENT mettre la main sur cette toune, ca fait deja un bye que je la cherche, mais incapable de la trouver! T'as des cue de où je pourrais rencontrer ca?


At 9:05 PM, Anonymous Anonymous rants...

J'voulais savoir si tu pouvais mdire ou trouver cette chanson ya des mois que je la cherche sans succès.. donne des news si possible! Nice blog! :)

Voila mes coordonnées! Tx


At 10:13 PM, Anonymous Anonymous rants...

Elle est sur Itunes.

It was you
Compilation 10 ans d'Indica Records


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