Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Run Tup Run!

One of my housekeeping clients invited me to stay for dinner.

Granted, she's an old lady and she's actually the mother of my client, but she's not insane. It was really nice of her, but it would have been FAR TOO weird...

Valérie asked me to help her paint and move to her new appartment. Apart from the fact I was one of the few, with Stéphane, to go help Marie-Michelle, Marie's boyfriend, Olivier, and Val paint their new home despite being ridiculously hung over from the two previous nights! And now I'd have to do that again? I mean, I clean houses as a job, if there's one thing I don't want to do when I'm off is to paint and move furniture!

I really need to bring my notepad to work, I have plenty of time to think and I usually get some interesting ideas like all the ones I'd give as examples if I had not forgot them...

And I need my damn iPod to get back from the "we'll call you back within 3 business four weeks!!!" repair man. Did I tell you I dropped it in the toilet bowl, after I've shat, when I came back, drunk, from my halloween party? No? Well, now I did!

And I didn't make it to LKP's party in Toronto. I'm quite pissed about missing that party, mostly since Adam Harris was apparently a giant LEGO minifig!!! I'll try to find a pic.

My costume, a McDonald's French Fry (I'd say a medium one). I'll try to get a pic from that too...

Tup, this was a really nice bitching and rambling post!

Time to go wash all those cleaning products off my hands...and try to think of something interesting to post for next time. This blog is becoming suburban, soon I'll post about reality shows...


At 7:12 PM, Anonymous Charlotte rants...

ok wow, i'm sorry that this happened to your ipod. i would not have fished it out. i would have been like, "you know what? uh-uh. not worth two hundred american dollars." but i am also very poor, and this may well be why.

and secondly, love the costume. must see the pic!


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