Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Woo! Woo! Tadadadadadada do dun dun...

Thoughts on modern society (WARNING: It's a LITTLE fucked up):

-Listening to others is a favour you give them.

-When your partner is having a physical orgasm, your ego got one much bigger!

-You don't have to talk to your friends on MSN.
Just read their personal messages!

-Hell, you don't even have to know them! "Who are you, nambla47?"

-Loving means lying. You don't want to hurt them.

-Hate means honest truth. Maybe just not in their faces.

-It means telling your life to strangers on the web, but censoring yourself because someone you know is reading.

-Follow rules and steps to seduce him, sleep with her, lose weight, cook sushis, make a fortune selling "How To Become-Rich in Only 93 Months!" over the mini-mart intercom but go with complete free-will when it comes to killing your business partner because he caught you doing crystal meth with his wife in a fund-raising for the KKK.

-Use any tactics to get funds for your cancer association instead of the one accross the street (Get bent, Colon Cancer Care!)

-Dying is for others, sickness too. I wear condoms because I don't want to spend money on a baby!

-I'd love to be popular. What do you mean by "go on"?

-I can spit on a beggar with no legs on the sidewalk, but I'll spend ten bucks on Lotto Billion. I'm not dumb, I know I wont' win, but just in case... (I'm dumb and I already made plans to be bitterly disappointed to not have any of the required 27 numbers in the correct order).

-My dreams should be my life! Let me stay in bed, incapacitated, numb, sedated while I'm getting closer to hunger.

-Let me be racist when I know I can.

-Let me be myself when I know I'm alone.

-You've been judged unfairly. Don't insult me! You don't even know me!

-Do you know who you're talking to? Yes, another suburban kid. You're the majority! I've already seen your MySpace profile more often than my chances to win Loto Billion!

-My sufferings are huge enough on humanity's priority list to forget about the rest of humanity, for a brief instant, playing Doom in a school...


-I'm aware of the rest of the world. (Even if I prefer when they look like us).

-I can get what "Waste Wages War With the World" means. Maybe.

-My grand-parents don't drive that damn flying-car, but they can build websites using HTML tags and Flash, send JPEG pics on MSN and post videoblogs on YouTube to ramble about the fact that none of their grand-children commented on the Gay Marriage thread featured on the familly message board.

Then, they'll go check if maybe someone replied.

-I understand what someone I used to disagree with means, and I think she might be right!

-Hell, I might even drop the cynism.

-Not really, but I can use it wisely.


-The best thing about my job is the exit door.

-The best thing about my future family is the entry door.

-I started thinking about the fact that "Humanism" could one day be seen as racism towards aliens.

-I evolved enough to prove it.

-But still, I really, really don't get Life, the Universe and all...

Time to go drink water.


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