Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Clean your room, find treasures...

Did a major cleaning of my bedroom, drawers, files. Among many interesting things, I found an uncashed government check worth 82 bucks!

That cleaning was much needed, as my room is very small and gets clogged quite fast. I got rid of a lot of useless junk, but it also cleared my mind and made my bedroom a more inviting and creative place. Strangely, it had an immediate effect on my mood and energy. I finally cleared enough space to do my physical exercices, as I've been a larva recently!

I'd love to say I learned a lesson, but it'll probably have to be done all over again...I'll still try to make an effort though. Kick in the ass, Tup, story of your life!

I did the same with my treeplanting blog, Screefs, as the 2007 season is almost at the door. Made minor changes, updated and personalized the design a little. I'd also like to get contributors to post on their own experience, no matter the trade they do up in the bush: Cook, Checker, Foreman, Rookie or Vet Planter...Give me a shout if you're interested!

Time to get that room dirty!


At 9:09 PM, Anonymous Charlotte rants...

in college i always had to do a thorough room cleaning before finals or i couldn't concentrate hard enough to do well on my tests. i think it might be proven that the mess on your desk has more to do with the mess in your mind than you might think ;)


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