Thursday, March 15, 2007

Right and Wrong

I feel kinda shitty...Nah, I fell really shitty!!!

For the first time in my life, I punched my brother!

I felt like it was the strongest punch I ever gave, yet the weakest one ever!

It was also the most deserved one...

For you see, my brother should have got that lesson...the way he acted...the way he behaved.

But he was, and he's still my bro!

Tonight, we went to a pool club, played a few games. He won them all. I thought I was rusted, but hey, I lost! Fair game. He decided the gamble would be some kind of humiliation with one of the girls considered as ugly/fat as possible. I tried to delete it, pretending a practice shot. Still. I lost. Obvious loss...

I used to be good, really good at pool. But there was no way pretending. Still, I think it's not because you win that you're right.

My losing bet, after much arguing, was to go see the waitress, tell her I'd pay her 75 bucks whatever...

She said she didn't understand. I'm glad she didn't. She told me she was living in the suburbs. Her boyfriend didn't come to get her as expected. It'd cost her a lot to get back home...I stayed, I listened to her sad bro came by to confirm his bet...I tought it was getting cruel. I stayed, as I thought she was a cool girl in a shitty situation...

Some time later, we were thrown in the street, friendly expelled by the bouncer as we were getting obnoxious, me and the bro. While walking back, Oli went again on the poor girl's case. I tried to fight him lightly, but he was able to avoid my weak attack. He started laughing; In his opinion, I had no chance to get to him.

He didn't finish the sentence.

The rest of the walk back home was in complete silence. I felt like shit. I offered him many times to get back to me.

He never did.

When we got back home, I told him how bad I felt, but how much I thought he deserverd the punishment.

I still believe it. And I still think he couldn't get back to me. He desserved everything he got...It was about time he learned that life lesson...I know, I've told him a few times...Just didn't think I'd be the one doing so!



At 12:02 AM, Anonymous Charlotte rants...

:S you hit your little brother? but it does kind of sound like he deserved it. don't be too hard on yourself.


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