Wednesday, October 17, 2007


So, I finally moved in my new appartment, with my friends as roommates and neighbours. It's just great. But I'm still looking for a job, getting things settled and I have no internet connection, so no long, frequent bloggings for now. Should happen soon enough though!

Until then, here's a little drunken video of the stupid things we'd do at the staff accomodation, back in Banff. It features Sam as the Triceratops and me as the Bear, Carl the Cop is filming. It's in french so I translated the dialogue below.

Here's what it says:

Me: Oh no, a triceratops charge, I'm only a bear! Ahhhh, ahhhhh!!! I'm dead-ish, I'm dead-ish
Sam: Did you get that? Did you get that or what? You're still filming?
Carl: Yep, still
Sam: Oh well...
Carl: Always trying to get the attention, eh Tup?
Me: It's only 'cause it's fun!

Allright, time to go find a job (again, always again!)

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At 5:46 PM, Anonymous Charlotte rants...

thank you for the subtitles. At first I didn't scroll down far enough and I was going to call my sister to translate for me. SHE lived in france for a year, i took spanish (just so that you know that i'm not an english only pig american).

if only you would make un petite film en espanol (i really truly know how badly i butchered that)


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