Saturday, January 19, 2008

Good Old 1980's Advertisement Classic (and a parody)

Couldn't resist posting this.

Here's an old TV ad for Distribution Aux Consommateurs (Consumers Distributing), a company whose outlets would never have the inventory in stock, relying on catalogue orders, even in their stores. The concept failed and the company bankrupted, a few years short of the revolution brought by the "Information Highway" (internet).

The following videos are in french, but I posted a home-made english transcription:

English Translation:

It has to be worth my money.
(chorus: "C'est DAC", the french initials of the company, also somewhat meaning "agreed"...)
I'm working hard for my money.
It's worthy of my money.
Consumers Distributing!

The "C'est DAC" Catalogue
The quality, the prices, we agree
It's worthy of my money, Consumers Distributing!

Oh yes, we all agree, yeah, I do agree, agree!
Consumers Distributing, "c'est DAC!"

And now, the RBO (Rock et Belles Oreilles) parody, Distributors Contributing:

And here's the parody's english translation:

It's worthy of my money.
(chorus: It Sucks!)
I'm doing ads for the money.
Yeah it costs shitloads of money,
Distributors Contributing!

The catalogue is poorly translated
(Huge twit!)
It's full of cheap shit, oh yeah!
They are fucking ugly, Distributors Contributing!

Oh yes we all suck, yeah I do suck, suck
Distributors Contributing, It Sucks!

Time to continue my productive day-off!

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