Saturday, January 12, 2008

Waking Up...

You want to leave, because you'd really love to stay.
In her eyes, bright lights are reflected and you can't see any further.
You get out, you need to, so tired of trying to be interesting.
She runs down the stairs asking for a hug.

You'd like to say no, because you're so hard to get, distant and cool,
You almost say no, trying to be funny, being only silly,
You want to say no, because you really don't know what to do,
You're afraid to do too much.

Later, when the embrace ends and you rush out, while thinking of rushing in,
You're afraid you didn't do enough.

Sporting a dumb grin, you fly back home.
You're exhausted, but you won't find solace in sleep,
Nor in cheap words written thousands of times.
All those feelings, good and bad, you thought you lost a while ago.
It pisses you off to be so human,
But she's not a goddess, just a woman at the gates of heaven.

Good things are happening...

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