Monday, March 10, 2008

Guitars Around the Camp Fire

A treeplanting-related musical project?

That's the idea behind Peppermill Records' album, Hi and Ho, We Plant Trees, a "collection of old and new songs done by treeplanters, about treeplanting, and for the most part, for other treeplanters."

Check out their website, you can get the music and artwork for free. There's also plenty of other treeplanting goodies, from a lingo dictionary to a video gallery, passing by the rare, remarkable animated short by Frédéric Back: The Man Who Planted Trees.

Definitely worth it. As for me, it will be part of my playlist for the long drives between Eastern Saskatchewan and Western Alberta this spring/summer.

Tupperfan's Guide to Useless Knowledge: There's a higher percentage of artists, visual arts, cinema, photography, litterature and music students in a treeplanting camp than in the general population. There's also (generally) more pot and booze, making for really interesting camp fires jams and discussions.

Hi and Ho, We Plant Trees website:

Time to go plant words...

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