Thursday, March 20, 2008

What The Frak?

Below are a few videos I order you to watch, because I'm too lazy to post original content and also because I happen to like those shows and would like to share.

Heard about BSG and its goodies, but too lazy to go through a three-season marathon? Well, you miss quite a bliss. Meh, frak, here's a funny, very quick recap:

(click on image to watch)

And here's OSS 117, France's most mysoginist, racist, bigot, colonialist and dumbest spy. He's good though!

Probably one of the best French comedies of the last few years. The movie is more than a parody, it's an hommage to 1960's spy movies, up to the cinematography.

A must see. Here's a few clips with english subtitles (except for the last two ones, but they are hardly necessary)

All Tied Up:
(click on image to watch)

Meeting Other Spies:
(click on image to watch)

The Hookah:
(click on image to watch)

(click on image to watch)

(click on image to watch)

(Translation of the few spoken words in the last clip)
Scene 1:
French Official: "Very sad news"
OSS 117:"Jack! Jack..."

Scene 2:
OSS 117:"Jack...Jack.
Larmina:"What are you doing Lucien?
OSS 117: "Huh?"

Scene 3:
OSS 117:"Jack, my friend, my brother!"
Jack: "My friend? It's not how I remember it."
OSS 117: "Hahahahaha, 23-nothing! You're an amateur Jack, you don't know how to play, Jack! You suck!"
OSS 117: "Hey, Jack!"
Jack: "No, really not how I remember it!"

Did I say you guys need to go over the fact it's a foreign film with subtitles? It's simply hilarious!

Time to go watch my dreams, with subtitles (I swear it happened once)!

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