Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Getting There...

So I'm at work and I'm bored. I'm also slightly pissed at the Montreal Canadiens.

I've been asked, for the last few weeks, to do follow-ups and supervisor calls to angry/unsatisfied/abusive/plain crazy customers. So I dont walk the floor, helping/assisting fellow agents anymore, I simply sit at my desk, looking into problematic accounts, resolving situations and calling the customers to inform them or to let them vent about their expectations versus what we actually offer and what they have accepted upon agreeing to the Terms and Conditions of Service (My usual approach is to press mute and wait. When they're done complaining/yelling, I wait one more second, as it makes them uneasy. Then I explain everything with a really calm, quiet voice. Usually works everytime!)

Sometimes it sucks, as the customer is actually right and there's nothing I can do, other times, the customer is either an arrogant douchebag who tought he could circumvent the information given by the agent who took the call and get preferential treatment or unjustified credits (usually through lies or self-important crap like "I built the Surrey Sports Complex!") or a customer who was given the wrong information by the first agent. But most of the time, I resolve the problem. I'm actually quite good at what I do. I don't like it, but I'm good.

So good that it takes me an hour to do all the daily scheduled follow-ups (Might also be that there isn't that much to do). My multiple bosses don't seem to realize that yet (Good luck! I have only two days to go and I'm calling off tomorrow), so I enjoy the rest of the day browsing the web, reading, writing or simply doing fucking nothing, waiting for the clock to get to the point where I punch-out.

But damn, I can't wait to get out and go back to my tree-hugging, $60,000-worth truck-idling, shitloads-paying tree-planting job! In a few days I'm off to exciting Edmonton, Alberta for some yard work before getting to inappropriately-named Hudson Bay, Saskatchewan (probably an old Hudson's Bay trading post) to start the season and really bust my ass.

Until then, I'll sit on it.

Also, maybe, I'll pay a visit to my dentist, book a flight out west, send a few documents to the treeplanting company's offices, pay a fine, get some supplies, try to sleep and see family and friends.


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