Wednesday, April 09, 2008


The National Hockey League's playoffs officially started today. My hometown's (and favourite) team, the Montréal Canadiens will begin their series against their longtime rivals, the Boston Bruins, tomorrow in Montréal's Bell Centre.

In order to watch the game, I had to trade my work shift, as I was working until midnight. Exceptionally, tomorrow will be an early day for me. It's also a shorter, four hours shift, but I'm willing to live through those sacrifices in order to be drunk and watch the game. Hehehe...

If I want to believe my beloved Habs will go far, I was not sure I should say they'll go all the way.

Then I realized I was playing it safe. One must believe.

Last time they won, in 1993, I was one of the very few who was 100% sure they'd go through. Call it youth fervor. I've also been saying for years they'd win in 2009. So, what is a year early, really? Therefore, rooting for the home team, I'll say the bleu-blanc-rouge will win the Stanley Cup.

So, starting tonight, and just like the players, I will let my beard grow without trimming until the Habs either win the big salad bowl or are eliminated. If they do not win, I will sport a mustache for a week, in mourning for the loss.

As for the Boston Bruins vs. Montréal Canadiens series, here's an inspiring video:

(click on image to watch video)

The real hockey season starts now, enjoy!

Time to get that beard going!

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At 11:33 PM, Anonymous Charlotte rants...

i went to see a fight and a hockey match broke out.


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