Thursday, September 18, 2008

Canada Votes: Youth's Voices, Part I

I asked a bunch of friends and aquaintances about their views, thoughts, worries and opinions on the current Canadian election.

Here's a sample of what they told me (comments in french were translated in english, with the original text in parentheses):

"I am only scared of one thing; a Harper/Conservative majority government. Where I live a conservative or liberal is going to win. Consequently, I am more likely to help stop a conservative majority if i vote liberal. I probably will vote liberal dispite the fact that I usually vote NDP or Green party. It looks like the liberals are doing poorly though so it might be another few years of unbridled right wing agenda served with fake smiles and bad sweaters."

I'm sorry, but I'll sound like a little rebellious punk: Politics suck, because it's administerd by technocrats anyways...Better to work heart to heart!
(J'suis desolée, mais j'vais avoir l'air dune p'tite punk revoltée: La politique c'est d'la marde , parce que, d'une manière ou d'une autre, c'est géré par la technocratie...better to work heart to heart)

Let's just say that I'm not too preoccupied with politics and the current campaign, always promises that politicians won't keep. (Disons que ça me préoccupe pas trop, la politique et la campagne actuelle, toujours des promesses que les politiciens ne tiennent pas.)

I think people need to look passed the messenger and see what the message really is...who cares if Dion can't relate intimately with people, he is a brilliant man, with good ideas. Harper scares the hell out of me, and has some really dubious plans for Canada, and Canada's role in the world. Also, allowing May into the debates was the right thing to should not been seen as a favour to anyone, but the RIGHT thing to do.

It's shit, one or the other, it ends up the same
(C'est de la marde
un ou l'autre c'est du pareil au même)


Cynical, the kids? Let's not jump to conclusions, it's a small sample, but it's interesting. Please, keep the emails coming!

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