Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Woah, I Missed the Blogosphere, But Mostly, the Blogosphere Missed Me...Right?


Couldn't care less (I was talking about myself, but hey, guess it works for you as well, sole reader, if you exist) but I'm back nevertheless.


Well, first because I'm actually back from the bush, which was especially tight this year. And after a few weeks of complete rest (and waking up around 4PM in average), I feel relaxed enough to be completely useless in my productivity (Let's admit that writing an unread blog is not the summum of efficiency. Yet, it's a step up from total procrastination).

But secondly, and mostly, because there's a SHITLOAD of elections around! First here in Canada, where it will be (thankfully) as short as it is bland, and then in the US, where it is as spectacular as it is dualistic and shameful (as everything else down there...yeah, you can quote me on that, for now)

So, Tup, how was planting? Oh, good, good. I'll post pics later, kinda takes forever. Here's a preview, showing the first station of my personal cross (towards...blasphemy!):

Then, how about politics? Well, here's how it goes: I'm planning to translate as many french-canadian blogs as possible on the US and Canadian elections, change my mind dozens of times as I read through various analysis(or is it analasyses, analysii?), blog about it, edit, then remove posts, and finally let my brother convince me that I was wrong all along because he's in University and, better yet, he's an original who'd never get influenced by teachers and the medias.

Sounds good? I mean, until I leave for Central America (quite soon, actually), I have nothing better to do...

Alright, deal! But, I don't feel like writing tonight, it's quite late and I'd rather browse the web to find some free porn that "does" it, which takes increasingly longer, which means I'll probably end up on facebook, using my imagination while stalking pics of friends of a friend...

Wish me luck!

Time to go facefuck! (Damn, I even disturbed myself with that one!)

P.S: No, I'm not intoxicated.
P.P.S: I'm aware some old photo links are broken, due to my cuntastically (my new word of the day, I love it since I learned that cunt is even badder than fuck!) fucktarded image server, maj.com, who decided to become majhost.com just to piss us all over again. Too bad they didn't improve anything on the 1999-ish, fast, user-friendly interface!)

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