Sunday, November 16, 2008


Ever heard someone saying that life sucks?

I'd rather say it's challenging. Of course, some challenges suck. And sometimes, these fucking challenges last quite a while (examples: Your whole childhood, teenagehood, marriage, life), but I do believe that it's a question of attitude and how you act and react to life's blows.

Recently, I've been procrastinating my fare share and I actually became apathetic and satisfied with the nothingness of my life. I was filled with contentment over simple pleasures and a stress and worry-free life.

So much that I became bland.

No, wait, not bland. FUCKING BORING!

A life wasted doing the same routine, repeating the same useless actions, a brain amorph, without virtually any stimulations despite hopes and ideas waiting to be developped.

I did hurt others, not intentionally of course, and felt basically nothing. But then it happened to me. My ego was bruised, my contentment with my little existence ceased as one of the few exciting moments of my trouble-free life, one of the few activities I would do outside the cocoon I've settled into, was suddenly cut down.

I was somewhat expecting it: The stress I had in the afternoon prior to this change was palpable. I knew something was going to happen and that I had to act accordingly. I made a small effort getting ready. That was a good start.

Then my actions realized before my brain that it was too late. So I stopped caring and had a political discussion over a few drinks with a friend I haven't seen in months.

Then I went back home and took the expected blow. Stayed on the ground for a day or two.

And now I'm standing on my two feet. I learned something, I've felt something. That's good, I was getting a little worried about that part.

I've got a kick in the butt, again. That's the way I live, that's the way I need to live. It's been written in this blog's title for years, because I always wait for one to get me to the next step. I need a motivational jumpstart to learn, adapt, grow, improve.

Therefore, I think I would need more challenges, more often.

Donc, merci pour le coup de pied au cul. Ce n'est jamais agréable, mais ça empêche de s'asseoir dessus, pendant un temps...

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