Saturday, January 14, 2006

Blogging rant

Don't give your blog address to everybody, just because they want to see your pics (I'll give them my picture folder instead...). If not, you might end up with people questionning what you wrote months ago...

Exemple, Valerie read this post yesterday and came back home with a shitload of questions. Nothing serious, she just thought she was putting on my nerves and stuff. It was not the case and I had to justify my musings. I post on a blog to express my thoughts, but also to update friends abroad on my life. Yes, I am probably exhibitionist a little, and a personal diary wouldn't do it for me. When posting, I am trying to stay as true to myself as possible, but most of the time, I'll try not to offend people or go to far into the details.

That post was quite spontaneous and was expressing frustrations I was feeling at that very moment. Yes I might have went far and some of my fears have proven to be unfounded since then.

So what should I do, censor myself? No. Stop giving my blog address? No. Be careful? No. I'll keep on doing what I do, keep on being myself. If you don't like it, well, ask me like Val did and I guess it will be clearer. If you hate it, well, you just have to leave I guess...

Anyways. Didn't post a lot in the last weeks. It will probably change when I'll be back in Montreal. I'll go buy my bus ticket tonight (Yes, bus again...I have far too much stuff for the plane, mostly giving the fact that I have quite a lot of illegal stuff...) and I'll give my two weeks notice tomorrow. I can't wait to leave. I still have a blast here, it would probably never change, but I don't want to live here anymore.

Time for a pic or two? Here's a little stupid parody of an infomercial I did while I was high a few days ago:

Time to go _____________________


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