Sunday, February 12, 2006

Brick People

So, this a long overdue post. Again, where to start?

Well, for the Banff people, whether still there or back home. We talked about this before and laughed at the idea. I hope you guys will laugh at the result too:

Real Mistey

LEGO Mistey!

Overheard in the bus and in bus stations while in transit from Banff, Alberta to Montréal, Québec:

Dealer:"Do you need pot?"
Dealer:"Are you sure?"
Me:"I got what I need (mistake!)"
Dealer:"You smoke?"
Me:"Yep, but..."
Dealer:"Need pot, shrooms?"
Me:"No, thanks"
Dealer:"20 bucks"
Me:"No...thanks, I have what I need"
Dealer:"Got what you need? Shrooms?"
Me(getting there): "!"
Dealer(finally getting it)"Allright..."

"Hope the next one will be a girl"
-A 40-something guy with a racing jacket(probably bought at Zellers, about the next passenger to sit beside him.

"Shoot the people! That's it, you won't play again!"
-A travelling mom, while her two kids (about 3 and 5 years old) were playing an outdated arcade game. She was the strange equivalent of a Hockey Dad to her kids, who obviously didn't understand how to play the violent game.

-The teengae girl who was the next passenger to sit besides "Zellers racing jacket guy.

Read in the men's washroom in Sault Ste.Marie's downtown Tim Hortons:

"Jesus leads to glory"

My answer: If you want Jesus to give you glory, you missed the point man! (I know it might not be as litteral as that, the huy's intention might have been that following Jesus will lead to the glory of God or something, but that's beside my point: I'm sick of religious zealots rethoric and propaganda!)

And now, I'm back in Montréal, probably one of the 4 best cities in North America! I've been quite busy since I've been back, between ex-ex-girlfriend Carolyne, who long ago became best friend (And was usually a best friend in between our three failures as a couple) and the lobbying for us to get back together ( can't work), family (divorced parents, thus doubling the amount of family obligations) and friends (different groups of friends who can't be merged together...I tried), I also started to get ready for a new temporary job and for my plan of beeing a tree deliverer this spring at treeplanting.

The tree delivery process is quite complicated: I have to get a driving licence from Ontario, the province in which I'll work, so it means getting an address there (a friend is helping me out with that), getting a ministry of transportation(MTO) medical form to be filled by my M.D., a driver's manual to be read, a written test to be passed in an Ontarian location (2 hours drive to Ontario) and then, a month later, a test-drive to be passed in Burlington, not the closest place for a Montrealer (7-hours drive, like going to NYC), but not too far from ex-girlfriend's Amy's home.

the worst is, one of the management guy responsible for training management like tree runners and crewbosses was in Montreal invited me, with a three hours notice, to a restaurant along with other management people. I couldn't make it, but was ready to meet him, as he offered, the following day for a test-drive. He never wrote back for a location to go to nor I never recieved the documents I had to fill prior to the drive that were supposed to be sent by another guy. Quite disappointed with the higher management, but I'm not done trying getting the job!

My friend Jee is trying to hook me up with one of his girlfriend's friends. Not sure about that, I don't like to be hooked up, it never lead quite far...We'll see. But him and me had a great time, again, when we smoked a little dose of "Bovril" (that's code-talking for pot guys, do I have to explain everything?) and decided to go laugh our ass off in a restaurant, waiting for our Poutines and Burgers...Great times, doing our favourite thing: lengthy discussions about useless stuff (Pizza jokes, being a "person", the first guy who shouted "niaiseux"(dumbass) at a Quebec Nordiques game...I won't even try to explain that, but I'm sure Jee will laugh just reading this)

Okay, my food is ready (thanks mom), time to go eat. More on everything later.


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