Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Single's Hell is Over

Just kidding, I couldn't care less. When I'm in a relationship, I enjoy Valentine's day, but when single, there is just nothing special. I'm not one of those sad people trying at any cost to do something on that night to forget their status nor am I eating a huge bucket of ice cream in front of the TV. For me, today was Tueasday. A pretty good, relaxing Tuesday I might add.

I was talking with my friend J-S today and realized that a funny, albeit quite loser way of celebrating Valentine's day would be at the stripers. There is plenty of choice in Montréal: On Ste-Catherine street alone, there is more strip clubs than in the whole city of Los Angeles! Anyway, don't see what I would do there, the only time I've been in one, it was to buy candies...Funny night!

So, I stayed home tonight, a rare occurence since I've been back. I took the opportunity to do my workout, been slacking on that upon my return. I also wrote a few texts, ideas for scipts, etc. I catched up with a few friends on MSN and finally, I played with my LEGOs, something I didn't have time to do for more than 30 minutes in a long, long time. Serious playing, the way I like it! Too bad I couldn't get high!

Since I lost most of my pictures older than 2 years old, I decided to do a web and MSN spaces search which allowed to me to find a few pics from ex-girlfriends or girls I dated(there is some missing, but it's quite hard to find pics of EVERYBODY on the web). Before anyone say a stupid comment about that folder being a hunting trophy wall or some shit like that. No! It's only nice to get a few pictures from the people who are or were in your life, and it includes the women that shared mine. To remind me of what I learned from them and those relationships, the mistakes I've made, the great times I (and I hope they too) remember them. I guess that's the special thing I did for Valentine's day.

So to all the girls and women who shared a moment with me and from whom I learned everything. Thank you! To those I hurt. Sorry, deeply! To those I loved. I will always do.

Time to go stop being cute. ;op


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