Friday, February 03, 2006

Will I ever leave?

Was supposed to leave Banff on February 2nd, at 9:05PM. Val wanted to cook me a dinner and we were almost running out of time. The others also wanted me to go out one last time to the Aurora. They convinced me, I decided to leave at 4:15AM the next morning instead, which allowed me to taste the great stuff Val cooked and go get wasted one last time...again. What can I say, they guys love me too much!

Stéphane and Stéti showing love...

Or, was it a competition?

Marie-Michelle, Émilie, Val and Alexandra clearly winning the contest.

Me and Stéphanie

So we came back from the bar and I said bye to the guys (There is not a lot of people remaining at staff accom...) I had the plan of staying awake and take a cab at about 3:30AM, but I then went to say bye to Val and Marie-Michelle (they share a room) and I ended up laying down a little with Val...I woke up at 7AM, obviously a little late for the bus.

So, it's 5:10PM, went to cash my final paycheque and I'm now waiting for the 9:05PM bus that I'm not planning on missing. My friend Matt is already trying to convince me off staying until the Superbowl, since I'll now miss it and the friends reunion that was coming with it.

As for the previous night, the one that was supposed to be my "original" last night, we went to Bruno's to watch Eric play. As usual, he brought life to the place, the guy is a fantastic musician but mostly a wonderful entertainer! A few pics from that night:

Eric in his element

Eric, Stéph, me and Matt

Me, Simon and Pat

A pure stranger enjoying someone else's wine

Stéphane's scar from our drunken idiocy of burning each others with cigarettes and lighters on January 19th, after the hockey game.

Licking my wounds. Classy!

Cheers to a guy who was supposed to leave!

So now, time to go make sure I'll leave in time. Next post in Montreal, or maybe a small one on the way, but there is usually not a lot to say (since there is not a lot to do) about a 59-hours bus trip!


At 11:53 PM, Blogger Charlotte rants...

wherever you go don't ever lose that camera! the wound licking pic is great! hope you get to where you wanna go!


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