Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Happy Birthday!

Hey, it's been a year since I've started to post "regularly" on this blog (I wrote ONE post in the previous 3 years...hehehe). I thought of it while chatting with a friend on MSN (she asked me when Amy started to date Lars and it was around this time last year, which meant it was also around this time I started to blog).

So, I just checked and it's been exactly a year! Happy birthday...for what it's worth!

Been to my third interview with the same company, ADT, a security systems corp part of Tyco. It was a testing interview, they did I.Q. test, typing and customers situations...stuff like that. I think I fared well but I took a little too much time in the data comparison section and I didn't have time to finish. Apparently, you're not supposed to have time finishing that section but still, it's upsetting. There was something strange; They said that on each screen, the data would be either identical or there would be only ONE difference. There was one screen where there was clearly TWO differences. I wasted time on that one, quite confused, and I think I finally chose neither of the two differences in my confusion...

Mah, I'm done worrying for useless shit, it's just a job I want for my two months here before getting back to tree-planting. And I think they are a little zealous for a $12.29/hour job...

Should have news tomorrow...or not.

Before leaving, here's a LEGO minifig of the Belgian comic characterTintin, the reporter, as he appears in "Explorers on the Moon". I did it today and I'm quite proud, so here it is, hope you'll enjoy!

Allright, time to go walk on the moon!


At 8:42 PM, Blogger Charlotte rants...

Happy Birthday Mathieu's Blog!


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