Thursday, October 02, 2008

Vote Story

I have a friend who's on Qu├ębec's version of Big Brother, ineptly called, like France's version, Loft Story. There's another person on the roster that I know a little. I'm not bragging here, these people are actually the only reason why I'm watching the show and I'm currently talking about it, but don't expect me to reveal their names, post embarassing pictures or tell juicy stories. One's a good friend, the other's a friend's friend and friends don't do that kind of shit, I think. I'll cheer for them though, even if the show is sometimes, I must admit, somewhat insufferable.

But I just wanted to talk about this show in regards to a politically related, albeit trivial, point. Out of the 14 participants, only one, Arcadio, made an issue of the incoming elections and his worries about not being able to vote. The show's host gave him an absentee ballot form. This is admirable, and it doesn't mean the others won't vote, maybe they were just not as vocal about their citizen's right, but I sincerely doubt it. I still need to publish another Youth Voices post, but a lot of messages I received tell me young voters are generally disheartened by politics.

It cost some money to cast a vote on the show, and they'll still get thousands of votes, some people even going as far as doing fundraisers to get more votes for their favourite. Federal elections are free, if not, nobody would vote. Those kids want people to vote for them, but they probably won't vote for anybody themselves. I've heard one say that they were "models", I think that would have been a good place to start...

There's a favourite bar of mine closing down tonight, I plan to be there for the last call.

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