Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Electric Sheep Dreams

I have written about this before, but I'm currently working on a virtual series project, titled Krossroads. It has great potential and the credit goes to my friend Jeremy Grunloh, whose creativity in many artisitc fields makes no doubt. His other virtual series, a Star Trek re-imagination, would really deserve to be adapted for the small screen.

Here's an update on how Krossroads' opening credits would look like if there was any chances of this show being real:

Thanks and kudos to Jer for the efforts and talent put into this video.

And what's the story about? Well, it basically revolves around the somewhat conservative Kross family, running a strategically-located space station (akin to a truck-stop) in a star system rich in natural resources. If I'd consider it a character-based drama set in space above anything else, it remains part of the science-fiction genre. It's closer in style, approach and themes to the re-imagined Battlestar Glactica and what I assume the upcoming Caprica will be about than shows like Lost in Space and Star Wars.

I'm quite involved in this project, and therefore biased, but the story outline along with this vid really makes me wish this could ever appear on my TV...

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