Tuesday, November 04, 2008

McCain Upsets the Maverick Family

As translated from Montreal's La Presse

La Presse

Not easy to hold a name that becomes a political or social slogan. After the upset caused by the French Bougons against the European country's adaptation of the famous Québec TV series, it's now the American Mavericks who are protesting against the use of their patronym to describe the political style of the Republican candidate John McCain.

John McCain likes do define himself as a "maverick"; a sharp-shooter, a free man with independent thoughts. He is an "absolute maverick", as Vice-President candidate Sarah Palin dared to say during her debate with democrat counterpart Joe Biden. according to the New York Times, she said it at least six times.

What is a maverick? The word entered the American political lexicon thanks to Texan Sam Maverick who, at the beginning of the 19th century, went against the flow by refusing to brand his cattle. Since then, the word is used to describe people who are not afraid to voice their opinions, despite all odds and no matter who is against them.

But a grand-daughter of Sam Maverick thinks that John McCain doesn't deserve to hold to her family name to promote his candidacy.

"How does he dare to say he's a maverick when he voted for Bush in 90% of cases?" outrages Terellita Maverick, an 82 years-old lady that we contacted in San Antonio, Texas.

"The word inspired by our name describes someones without owner or master. It is not the case of John McCain", added Mrs. Maverick.

Maverick or not, John McCain won't be able to count on the vote of this retired teacher, who is resolutely democrat. "I will vote for Barack Obama, absolutely. He will win, the future is ahead of us" she exclaimed.

The abuse of this noun derived from the name of a Texan family was, of course, not missed by Barack Obama's campaign. "He was so independant that he almost always voted with Bush" constantly repreated the democrats. A maverick can have a boomerang effect...

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