Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Not cool!

Damn, this treeplanting season is hard and tiresome, but it's almost over.

Don't really have time to post, but here's a few pics. All of them can be seen in my "Tup's pics on MAJ.com" section in the menu on the right, in the Treeplanting 2006 folder.


Cracker and me.

My crew.

Matt Fattori at the end of a crazy day.

Kerri, same day.

The delivery truck I drove a few times this year. Fun!

Our crew bus, Goldie.

Our crew boss, Callan Main (Goldie).

Laura Rae. Bad day!

Camp move, every bus is packed to the max. Only Paolo, in the middle, is aware of the pic...

And for Charlotte:

Tim, another member of the Mustache Club enjoying a Lacrosse catch game.

Will give more details soon!

Time to go suffer!!!