Thursday, October 26, 2006

Coming Up This Weekend!

I'll be in Toronto this weekend. So the city will be twice as exciting thanks to my visit. Or maybe I should say half as boring? Hehehe!

"Don't hate me, because I'm beautiful! Don't hate me, because I'm the best. Just love me, like all the rest do!"


Anyways, I'm going to Laura K. Preston's Halloween party at her appartment, nicknamed "the Dav" (It's on a street called Davenport). There's be a bunch of treeplanters, so I'm expecting some pure, basic fun! I got a great costume, but there's no way I'm spoiling it! Fuck you guys!

Can't wait to see LKP, HP, Cal, Butler, Adam, Lambo, James, Laura Rae, Johnny Boy and all the others that might show up!

Bunch of pictures of ridiculously drunk people in hilarious costumes guaranteed!

Halloween costumes ideas? (Or how to recycle old pics...)

Alex from Clockwork Orange. Now married and living in EdMONOTON (I mean, even the website is bland!). Bitter? Me? Come on!

Érica Legault as a cabaret girl. Intersting! She's now...somewhere...

Astroboy. A little awkward in a mosh pit. Trust me.

I'm gladly leaving you with that disturbing picture in mind. Time to go to bed, early and exhausted, which is good!

Monday, October 16, 2006

Ask A ZZZZzzzzZZZZZzzzz!!!

Here's another of what can now be considered as my series (two qualifies, does it?) of bad movies robbing fame from internet "phenomenons"!

It's a parody of "Ask A Ninja", if you don't get it. I'm not embedding it in the post as I my posts are already full of pictures. Ya know...

Oh ,and since it's again the morning and I'm not yet in bed as I should have been 8 hours ago, here's a few pictures of what my street looks like in the morning.

A black cat crossing the sidewalk. Makes me look forward to Halloween! :D

The cars, the street, the sun.

Nobody to share the road with...

My house from the street. I live upstairs.

Tomorrow, I'll post a few pics from Stéphane's raclette dinner. It was a great night, but I didn't have time to upload the pictures...even if I was up all night, for you see, I had a paper to write!

I'm not sick of writing, but I'm sick of writing stuff that is actually productive!

Time to go embody the meaning of a bunch of Zs(Ever wondered how Z became the sound of being asleep? Does anyone know somebody who actually says Z out loud while sleeping?)

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Kobayashi Maru

Been a while I didn't use a Star Trek reference as a title. :o)

Okay, first of all, Happy Birthday, Charlotte! (I was reading one of my old posts to find a link for something when I read a reference to it, so I went to your blog to confirm and I'm apparently right on time! Yay!)

Didn't post serious stuff in a while, did I? Mostly pictures and the occasional tidbit. Well, it's happening now!

I can't sleep because I fucked up my schedule big time! So instead of sleeping 3-4 hours, then go to work, then come back home for a 3-4 hours nap, then to school, then again back home and not beeing able to sleep until quite late, thus continuing the vicious circle, I'll stay up all night and post a good thread, go to work, go to school, try to stay awake through the class and the evening, then go to sleep at a decent hour!

Pffff, already tired!

So, about school, I have nothing to say apart from the fact that midterms papers and exams are coming and I'm not quite ready.

I need to get the greatest grades possible if I want to get into Education next year! I still love my classes and most teachers are just plainly interesting. My fellow students are quite cool too.

About Work? Hum, well, I'm cleaning houses.

Yep, I'm a housekeeper again! But this time, I clean private toilet bowls...


But it isn't actually that bad. I get paid well, I don't pay taxes, I do my own schedule and chose my contracts. I do have a few contracts with my mom (I started by helping her out on her contracts), but I got a few ones on my own. It's shitty but mindless, so you bring your iPod and a little booklet to write some ideas down and there you go!

The downside? Sometimes my mom will rant about anything in the car while we're getting to the houses. And she'll constantly talk about the same stuff: Weather, brother, school, girls...

About girls?

Hum, I've been seeing a girl named Stéfanie for a while. Before planting, after planting. We're not what I'd call a serious couple and I wouldn't want to be.

Oh, wait, here she is:

Yep, she's taller than me.

I love that pic! Her friend snapped it while they were in Europe this summer.

Anyways, my problem is the following:

A few days ago, she asked what "we" were. She said she hadn't any problems with the current "non-status" of our relationship, but that she couldn't stay in the limbos forever!

Traduction: She wants me in or she's out.

I asked her what she wanted, she said she didn't know. Of course, the question was returned and I answered honestly: I never thought about it because I like the statu-quo I'm in. No relationship, no obligations, but still someone nice and fun to see a few times a week. Simple. Efficient. The best of both worlds!

But it can't stay that way forever, because I'm not alone in this. The win-win situation turn into a lose either-way one. The Kobayashi Maru scenario!

We could work something out, for sure, but it would be complicated. I've been through complicated relationships before. I'm not saying no to a serious girlfriend, just not now.

But it brought the real question: Do you love me?

No, I guess, but that was not a surprise. She said she didn't either. But that it could happen, or could have had. There is no passion between us, according to her. We're already an old couple!

I agree! But how can you get passion without love? And I don't want love! It's just not the right time...or the right [insert obvious conclusion here].

Stéfanie is ready to keep the statu-quo going for now, since she doesn't know what she wants and says it works fine with her, but in the long-term, it can't. So I'm fucked up about it. I don't want something I don't want nor do I want to hurt her. (I still like her very much!) I don't want to be an asshole either, not again! ;o)

Now, I'm a littlefucked up about what I want from this relationship, and from a girl in general. Then, it made me question about school, work, my appartment, the bills and my other responsibilities...I felt the need to leave, travel, even go back to Banff!

But it would be flying, avoiding. Not only the relatioship, but everything else in my life. I've done that enough. What I need is to face this situation. Will I have to get out completely? If so, can we stay friends? If I don't pull out, can the status quo really work, now? I don't think so. And getting more involved is not an option, not now, not for me (I know I'm being repetitive).

So I need to think, and to talk.

Stéfanie, I know you've been reading this blog before, sorry if you read this, but I had to clear my mind. (doesn't look like it, does it?) Besides, there's nothing you didn't know here. And I'll talk to you tonight. I'd like to see you actually! (And just ignore this, but I don't think it will happen my way)

So, that's about it for the serious stuff.

Last weekend, my friend Mathieu had a huge party at his appartment, in collaboration with his downstairs neighbours. They had TWO floors of party, with a huge roof-top patio in Mat's place and a huge dancefloor below (with a DJ, a bar and waiters!) in that huge room the neighbours got with their appartment. (They have at least 3 times the total space we've got at my home for cheaper than us, the bastards!)

I brought a few friends and we had a great time. The STUNTMAN TEQUILA posted yesterday were taken that night. Here's a few more shots, not the best and not many; I was quite drunk and didn't want to lose/break my camera as it happened many times before:

The downstairs bathroom line. The secret? You had to go upstairs!

The colorful bunch: Anne-Marie, Tremblay(his last name, the most frequent in Québec and Canada, my mom is one too), Marie-Michelle and Valérie.

Catherine and Mat doing a fine job (especially Mat) representing RBC Royal Bank, an old employer of mine and still my dad's only adult job.

Is there anything that does more "aunt" than dancing around your handbag? Seriously? My camera bag sits proudly on the top.

A bunch of people

Another bunch of people. Note Anne-Marie, Stéphane, Val and Marie-Michelle being the only colored shirts...

With Anne-Marie in Mat's wonderful pink kitchen! You should see their solution to hide the color: A bunch of FHM, Stuff and Maxim girls! Great stuff to eat your cereals in the morning! Kind of tasteless, really!

A sleepy Tremblay, and Léo showing his hairy chest!

Tomorrow, I'll post the pictures I took while coming back home the next morning.

Morning! Already?

Time to go eat some cereals...tasty ones!

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

How to Really Drink a Shot of Tequila

Repeat if necessary, but it isn't such a good idea...

Monday, October 02, 2006


There was a huge party for the Banff people at my place last saturday. We were also celebrating Stéphane's birthday, so happy b-day my friend! It turned out great and crazy, as we like it!

Here's a few pics of us getting wasted, destroying a place (mine, sadly), ruining my roommate Sandra's laptop with beer (We don't have pics of that, but it really sucked! We might get it fixed though...) and seeing every couple in the place fighting (hehehehe).

Let's start with a group picture. It was taken pretty early and there's a dozen people missing, plus a bunch of my great neighbours that showed up much later...

Xavier helping me decorating the place...Yes, we are juvenile!

Stéti's first mess of the night.

Another group pic featuring Marie-Michelle's HUGE tongue!

Every time, it just looks like there's too many tongue action involved in our partys...

See what I mean? Tanya and me pretending to kiss. Yes, I'm wearing my Banff Keller Foods grocery uniform!

Marie-Michelle, Valérie, Rémi and "friend of Derek whose name kind of vanished with alcohol vapors"...Yes, Rémi is wearing a Banff Voyager Inn uniform!

Stéti's second mess...At least he's cleaning up! Others didn't go that far!

And the title for being the first one to fall asleep again goes to... Francis!!!

Keeping with the tongue theme. A lot of people kissed that night. Tania said no one would kiss her...

Rockstar Brother with Tanya, Derek and Rémi's girlfriend,, I don't remember! Dammit!

My brother is still standing, along with complete strangers who went to the wrong party but decided to stay. Would have been cooler if they were...girls!!!

Rough night for Xavier, Stéphane and Jérôme. Please note how great my furniture items match together. Olivier enjoying a sausage...

...and so does Jérôme

Yep, he woke up in the exact same position in the morning!

So that's about it, I again promised myself I should be in bed and I again lied to myself!!! I'll post a few more tomorrow.

Time to go say a shitload of ZzzZZZZzzzZZZZzzzz...