Wednesday, June 13, 2007

A Few Pics, Quick

Crazy day off, as it was my birthday. Crazy couple of weeks, shitload of equipment breakdowns. We lost 4 quads in three days (Yes, it is possible to break three quads when you only have three), one truck, one water pump and more! The weather was not really on our side as well. We got snow (15 centimeters!!! Half an foot!), the most I've seen in planting, we got two weeks of rain, roads washed out!

Here's some pics, four or five of them were stolen from HP, as she uses my computer to stock them:

Winter plant!

Jesse and Emily hiding under the tarp

Freitas, Gibby and I, proud members of the mustache club!

Cal's bus in one of many ditches created by a week of rain

My tow strap, didn't survive the attempt to get the bus out of there. We had to use a huge Volvo truck that looks like a Tonka.

As seen form the driver's seat.

Biff and Travis pulling it out.

Jordy passed out

Guess who had to ignore the warning to go get a quad on the other side, as we would desperately need it?

Here's what I had to boat through

A stressful one, it could have fucked the truck, stuck in a lake...

The waterline on the truck...That was fucking high!

Cal and I kicking ass at rod hockey. Much better than fooseball!

Really nice stream.

Intense Jer

Classy Gibby

And to finish, pics from the forest fire I saw a few weeks back when clearing a planting block, after the planters left for day off.

Looks like a nuclear mushroom. Quite impressive

A water bomber diving for a refill at a nearby lake.

For more pics of the season, you can also hit Adam Krohn's blog here

Hope it was worth the wait, Charlotte! ;o)

Time to go drink something with no alcohol in it...

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Still Alive...

...but absolutely no time...besides, my computer is fucked and I just took a minute at the busy library of Hearst.

Had another though week, we are under-staffed, our equipment broke a lot this week so it meant I had a lot of long days, including a ferw ranging from 6:30AM to 11:40PM...

So, basically, I'm exhausted...

Will post pics and longer post when I'll have time, meaning probably in July...

Allright, I'm out, time to have no time!

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