Tuesday, January 29, 2008

50 Years of Plastic Bricks

Another item too good to be missed...

The LEGO plastic brick celebrated its 50 years yesterday. It was on January 28th 1958, that Godtfred Kirk Christiansen (son of the LEGO company founder) was granted the patent for the stud-and-tube design of the automatic binding brick. World happiness ensues.

Medias around the world marked the occasion. For instance, Google (whose creators once used LEGO bricks as casings for their hard-drives) had a LEGO-made logo:

For the last 50 years, LEGO bricks have been used by kids of any age for creations as diverse as their backgrounds and ideas. From children's multi-coloured houses to "corporate workshops" passing, of course, by visual arts:

And here's Michel Gondry's award-wining White Stripes videoclip, Fell in Love with a Girl:

(click on image to watch)

So, happy birthday, multinational's patent! It seems that the anniversary of an inanimate, celebrated icon of mass-consumerism and globalization is indeed worth more of my time than very basic human problems!

Time to go play with my bricks...

Tupperfan's Guide to Useless Knowledge: LEGO is the second largest tire manufacturer in the world!

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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Good Old 1980's Advertisement Classic (and a parody)

Couldn't resist posting this.

Here's an old TV ad for Distribution Aux Consommateurs (Consumers Distributing), a company whose outlets would never have the inventory in stock, relying on catalogue orders, even in their stores. The concept failed and the company bankrupted, a few years short of the revolution brought by the "Information Highway" (internet).

The following videos are in french, but I posted a home-made english transcription:

English Translation:

It has to be worth my money.
(chorus: "C'est DAC", the french initials of the company, also somewhat meaning "agreed"...)
I'm working hard for my money.
It's worthy of my money.
Consumers Distributing!

The "C'est DAC" Catalogue
The quality, the prices, we agree
It's worthy of my money, Consumers Distributing!

Oh yes, we all agree, yeah, I do agree, agree!
Consumers Distributing, "c'est DAC!"

And now, the RBO (Rock et Belles Oreilles) parody, Distributors Contributing:

And here's the parody's english translation:

It's worthy of my money.
(chorus: It Sucks!)
I'm doing ads for the money.
Yeah it costs shitloads of money,
Distributors Contributing!

The catalogue is poorly translated
(Huge twit!)
It's full of cheap shit, oh yeah!
They are fucking ugly, Distributors Contributing!

Oh yes we all suck, yeah I do suck, suck
Distributors Contributing, It Sucks!

Time to continue my productive day-off!

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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Sic Infit (So It Begins)

I'm very excited about this:

(click on image to download)

Oh, did I say I was involved? And did I say this was (only) a virtual project? I should have had before, shouldn't I?

But it does look awesome! Kudos to my friend Jeremy Grunloh for the nice work and for the project's idea. You can find more of Jeremy's goodness here.

And I'll post further details about the Krossroads project soon.

Time to go write a fantasy TV series and think of hippie girls...

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Saturday, January 12, 2008

Waking Up...

You want to leave, because you'd really love to stay.
In her eyes, bright lights are reflected and you can't see any further.
You get out, you need to, so tired of trying to be interesting.
She runs down the stairs asking for a hug.

You'd like to say no, because you're so hard to get, distant and cool,
You almost say no, trying to be funny, being only silly,
You want to say no, because you really don't know what to do,
You're afraid to do too much.

Later, when the embrace ends and you rush out, while thinking of rushing in,
You're afraid you didn't do enough.

Sporting a dumb grin, you fly back home.
You're exhausted, but you won't find solace in sleep,
Nor in cheap words written thousands of times.
All those feelings, good and bad, you thought you lost a while ago.
It pisses you off to be so human,
But she's not a goddess, just a woman at the gates of heaven.

Good things are happening...

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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Bon Voyage St├ęphane!

My friend St├ęphane left for a 3 month trip to Thailand. I was supposed to go with him but I spent all my money doing nothing when I unexpectedly came back to Montreal.

Here's a few pictures from his last night in Montreal, chilling and doing stupid things like a MSN messenger fistfight(It looks really boring, but rest assured, we didn'T saty on our computers for more than 15 minutes. I think someone went to check her messages and we all went to insult each other for doing such a thing):

And a classic John-John pic(Yes, the shirts tugged in the pants and jogging pants are on purpose...I'm quite self-conscious today, am I not?):

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Happy New Year and All the Other Stuff!!!

Happy New Year!

Can't believe it's already 2008! The year 2000 is so not the future anymore!!!

Anyways, must post a little more often on this blog. I abandoned the place a little, but hey, I've been busy and I'm struggling to get a promotion, so wish me luck, and I should be back here soon! I'll tell you about everything boring I've been through and all the shit I've been thinking of talking about for months!

'Til then,

Time to go kick some ass in an internal interview.