Monday, July 31, 2006

Is There a More Indecent Word Than the Word Decent?

A decent essay by Tupperfan

Really, is there a more indecent word than the word decent?

-When you say you've got decent marks: You basically barely passed, didn't you?

-When a meal is decent: You won't ask for a refund, but you won't go back to this restaurant, will you?

-When a date was decent: You think it was fun but you didn't get laid. But mostly, she won't call back, will she?

-When you say somebody is decent: That person isn't really interesting, but not a monster either. Is he/she?

-When you say your President is decent: He didn't do much for the economy or for you, but at least he didn't start wars. Did he?

-When you say a country is decent: You usually think of Canada, don't you?

-Or as a US state: Vermont.

-When you think of a decent night: You're talking about watching TV, don't you?

-When your parents tell you to get a decent job: They abandonned their dreams of you being a Lawyer or Doctor, didn't they?

-When you say this post is decent: You'll read it, but you won't really comment, will you?

It makes you a very decent person.

Here's some decent pics of my decent new appartment, before we actually moved most of our stuff:

Brother posing in front of the building while talking on the phone. Note the typically Montreal stairwell on the left, leading to our appartment.

View from the front balcony.

View from the back balcony.

Bro at ease while I'm painting (And taking pics...I was waiting for a layer to dry!)

Parts of the living room and kitchen.

The living room from the kitchen.

My HUGE room! Yes, those are milk crates, got a pretty neat idea for them, since the space is limited, you know.

Allright, I'll try to show you pictures of what the place looks like now soon. I think we did pretty well with it, but I'll have to wait until the cable guy comes to post.

Time to go to a friend's cottage!

Thursday, July 27, 2006

While in Hearst...Do as the Hearst...ers do?

I know I said I'd post most stolen pics, but the following ones are mine.

Here's a few pictures from my last week planting at a different camp, not too far from Hearst, in even more Northern Ontario, but not quite Northerner or Nothernest Ontario.

Pretty cool pic of a lightning bolt on our way to Kapuskasing. Our night stop before getting to camp.

The mess tent and the permanent pond. A mess, litteraly.

View from the mess tent. Yes, quite the view.

Nice! We had to set our tents either in the mud by the road or in a site logged a few years ago and full of logs, branches and vegetation.

Jeff Norman and the assistant cook. Please note the bread crates keeping us on relatively dry ground. Here's the exact conversation:

Norman: Can we have seconds?

Asst.Cook: When we'll be sure everyone had some.

Norman: Can I have some...NOW?

Seen in the bus.

Lukash(A.K.A Polish Luke) and Butler at the cache, ripping apart those damn jiffy trees. Please note everybody "caching" in the background.

Butler showing me the "cigarettes can kill you" label on his pack. What you see in the background can make you kill yourself much faster...

Not sure about which one looks the best. This one?

That one?

Or maybe this?

Probably this one.

Auto-portrait. Yes, I'm wearing longjohns...

I was trying stuff, okay! This is actually a re-enactment of a first year picture.

First year picture, in Fort McMurray, Alberta

The trees look huge beside the bus! Well, they are.

Done, beer time!


Last guys. Can we get the fuck out of here now?

Trying to show you the damn mosquitoes out, and IN my tent on the last night. There was much more.

In the train washroom, between Timmins and North Bay. Don't throw your syringes in the garbage!

Dispose of them here! Must be quite a problem...

Monday, July 24, 2006

Through the Eye of the Beholder

Here's a few planting pictures taken by other people and stolen by myself. A fair thing giventhat a shitload of people took mine and posted on their MSN spaces and on the face...something university network. Besides, just be proud that I dare to post them on my famous blog...right.

A bear!!! Oh my god!!! This look like a enlargement, where was it in relation to people?

About this close to tents at this moment, but much closer before. Cracker chased it up this tree. We had quite a bear problem this year...

Tent city in the middle of the desert (ignore the treeline). Damn, it's almost biblical! Our first camp was set in a sand carry.

That's what happens when you don't anchor it well...It kinda looks like Erika's tent, doesn't it?

Cracker, Spanish camp's unofficial mascot, being photogenic again.

Erika, after quite a bad day of black flies.

Michelle, Erika (sans bug bites) and Megan on day off, at the hotel, getting drunk enough for Club 147.

Planters being the sole crowd on a weeknight at Club 147. It's not different on a weekend night...

Hum, I don't remember being in this pic...but it's not unusual. Shawn, Jacy, Joël and Paolo are sharing this moment with me and my midget mohawk.

Me, Joël, Jen, Karen and Shawn cramped in the back of the bus, on our way to day off, but...

..the bus broke down. Not the first, not the last one.

Timmins, day off's Metropolis (And Shania Twain's hometown), as seen from a Days Inn's room.

I'll post the rest of the other pics I stole in my next entry.

Thursday, July 20, 2006


Here's a few pics of me I recovered from a few years, and a few pounds ago.

I was so attractive, I might have been eating babies back then...

Maybe you should swallow before kissing...

What is it with everybody wearing baseball undershirts? Was it mandatory back then?

Oh, that's funny... I thought the belly jelly would have had absorbed the shock...

Yes Tup, you can pull the bald look when you have OTHER relatively decent features...

I know, I know, before anybody says it: I wasn't THAT fat. But I definitely lost control over my weight a few years ago and I find it pretty funny to look back, and down, at myself. I guess making those ugly faces didn't help my case back then, but it makes it even better now!

Time to go eat buttered cheeseburgers with bacon as a midnight snack.

Monday, July 17, 2006

I Know I Suck

Okay, I've been quite lazy on the blogging recently. I aknowledge that. Sorry, it's just that there is so much to do and so many people to see. It should calm down slowly. I promiss I'll try to blog every day, or at least every other day this week.

I decided to show a few more treeplanting pictures, the group showed today being quite similar to pics that were taken the previous year:

LAST YEAR: Callan's crew.

THIS YEAR: Callan's crew.

LAST YEAR: Codie, me and LKP on prom night.

THIS YEAR: Codie, me and LKP on prom night.

LAST YEAR: Hair pleasures.

THIS YEAR: Hair pleasures.


THIS YEAR: Me and LKP. (I know, not quite the same...fuck you!)

LAST YEAR: Stuntman Tequila by Tim and Kenny

THIS YEAR: Stuntman Tequila by Tim and Kenny

LAST YEAR: Tim and Kenny suffering from snorting salt, drinking tequila and getting lime juice in the eye.

THIS YEAR: Tim and Kenny suffering from snorting salt, drinking tequila and getting lime juice in the eye.

LAST YEAR: Kenny and the bus.

THIS YEAR: Kenny and the bus.

LAST YEAR: One of the Twin Lakes.

THIS YEAR: One of the Twin Lakes AND Cracker.

And finally:

LAST YEAR: Camp pic. I'm sitting almost right in the middle. (I wear a yellow t-shirt)

THIS YEAR: Camp pic. I'm sitting almost right in the middle. (I'm also petting Cracker...) The camping trailers in the background belong to "Locals" who came camping at this site for the Canada Day weekend. We still sleep in tents. And yes, we had a smaller camp this year: No crews from other camps came to help us finish and we sent a crew to Manitoba at the end of May.

That's it for today. Next time, I'll probably post a few pics from my last week planting in Hearst...Great times.

Time to go get some porn.