Wednesday, August 29, 2007


So it's been a while, again. But I've been busy and the internet connection at the staff accom is frustrating, to be polite. Here's a few pictures from my first weeks back in Banff. I'll stick to a few scenic pictures for now, next post should be about my efforts to reinvigorate my staff accomodation house, the good old 426 cougar!

Me at Lake Bow

Lake Louise's vista

J-P and St├ęphane on top of Tunnel Mountain

St├ęphane, P-A and J-P by the Bow river, accross from the hordes of tourists

P-A and J-P overlooking the Bow rapids and the tourists by the Banff Springs Hotel.

Lake Louise, recreating a picture taken by my brother two years ago


A John-John picture(Long story short, a few years ago, we found a picture of a japanese family called the John-Johns who would stand like this) with Sophie, Stef, Cyn and me)

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Thursday, August 02, 2007

Rocky Mountain House

Here's a few more pictures from my planting contract near Rocky Mountain House, Alberta. I'll post pics from Banff tomorrow.


Hats: J-B, Jonathan, Lukas and Marie-Claude.

Vincent playing frisbee across the highway...

...with Scott!

Waiting for more vans to come. Yet another vehicle I drove this year.


Vince backflipping from the crummy.

The mess and office tents at camp, with some shitters.

The steepy block by the shitters.