Thursday, March 30, 2006


Yay, I'm officially a member of the "Fired for Blog-Related Reasons" Fraternity!



Well, all of you reading this blog (and basically everybody that knows me) know that I hated that job. It was just a little too boring. Nothing against the trainer nor the boss, but the job itself was not very...challenging. And I knew it, the bosses warned me. But still, I needed a job.

Of course, it didn't help that a few people in the "class" were putting on my nerves big time, but I was still working well in class, learning and getting good results in tests.

So on Tuesday, while on my break at 3PM, I'm going to the washroom and I'm practising my calling script since I'll do an exercice after the break. Instead of the standard: "Good afternoon, my name is Tupperfan with ADT security services, I'm calling because we received an alarm signal at 123 YOURSTREET...", I wanted to say: "Good afternoon, my name is Tupperfan with ADT security services, I'm calling because we received word that this job utterly sucks and I'm getting the fuck out of here!!!" .

I was daydreaming, I don't think I would have done it...yet. After all I need the money. But then, when I was about to come back in the room, the trainer told me to go see the boss and bring my belongings. You have to agree that you don't expect to get a raise and a new position.

Usually, I'd have felt small in my pants, but this time, I really just didn't care, so I smiled. Besides, not to brag, but there isn't a lot of stuff intimidating me anymore, except maybe for a girl I would like...

While I got to the office, the boss told me to sit down, offered me coffee and said he'd be back in a few minutes, so I decided to read a book, Collapse, by Jared Diamond (It's my book selection for March, read it, it's great!). When he got back, he said: "We have a problem, do you know what's this?" I couldn't refrain a laugh: He was showing me pages from this blog, with this one on top! It was seriously funny!

Yes, I was blogging at work, despite knowing they were monitoring all internet activities. I just didn't care as the boss said. But I never blogged or used internet while working, only before class, at lunch or while on break. Of course, the content of the blog and a few emails I sent told them I didn't plan to stay long under their employment, so they had to take action. As the boss said: "I feel a little cheated, but I understand why you did what you did (That is, get hired by them to leave a month and a half later...), but you have to understand why I have to let you go."

And I do, it's not because I was abusing the system that I'm against it...At least not that part. He has a business to run and I'm not profitable to him, I was just wasting his money.

He also said he thought of keeping me, but it was just a bad business decision and I had to agree. He told me he warned me about the job being monotonous and to call him for a job if one day I wanted a permanent one (weird, but nice). I thanked him and told him it was unlikely, I had other plans.

When I got out, it was beautiful outside, sunny and warm! I smiled, chose a great song to listen to and walked to the bus station, feeling like a free man.

My mother was worried, she was upset that I sabotaged myself that way. But I've never been of those people thinking a job was the main reason to live. Besides, there is always something available when you're competent and willing to find work.

Today, I got a new job, minutes away from home and it'll do it until tree-planting. It's a grocery job, I'm used to it and it's physical so I won't be bored...and there is no computers so no chance to get caught blogging! ;op

Time to go enjoy the great weather...and find somebody to get drunk with tonight!

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

[Insert title here]

Tupperfan's guide to [Insert post-related topic here]

[Insert introduction commentary here]

[Insert main ramblings here]
[Insert main ramblings' related links here]
[Insert optional bad joke here...(can be repeated as often as necessary)]
[Insert useless pictures here]

[Insert secondary boring stuff here]

[Insert post's only relevant commentary here(optional)] Have you ever felt like you're talking too much? Like you talk, babble, yap incessantly, saying nothing but stuff not even worth shit? That you talk too much about yourself? I do. Of course, that's basically what I do every time I post on this blog!

But blogging is different. I mean real conversations. I hate it when I feel like I just talk about myself. The worst is when you're conscious of it, but no matter what you'll say, it seems like it's about you, again! Not that I don't listen, just that I should shut up and let others talk! Well, I guess some people make me more comfortable than others, but I feel like shit monopolizing attention...If any of my friends feel like that, you guys should tell me to shut my fucking mouth!

[Insert conclusion's bad joke here]

Time to [Insert smartass comment here]

[Insert post-publication addendum here] EDIT: This was my 100th post! I realized it only after posting. I think it was the perfect 100th post: The personal comment was relevant to my reasons to blog (and talk about myself) and the form was a parody of my typical posts. Okay enough talking about me for a day...just kidding!

Sunday, March 26, 2006


So, last post was a little cryptic, no?


Yesterday I saw some of my Banff friends, AGAIN! Marie-Michelle just being back and Jérôme, who arrived last week, made the trip from Québec City to Montréal for the weekend. So, a Banff party in Montréal, AGAIN!

I ended up dancing on stage just for the kicks of it, mostly dancing with guys to intimidate the ones we didn't know and for careless fun with friends, AGAIN!

Probably also to draw attention, AGAIN!

After a while, it became a game between Marie-Michelle and Laurence to see where Jérôme and me would go. They were on the dance floor, doing moves, and Jérôme and me were on stage, so we were obviously more exposed...

We ended up kissing...french-kissing that is!

So I french-kissed a guy, AGAIN!

I have no problem with that I came to terms with my sexuality a long time ago and it doesn't arouse me in the smallest way (I'm not saying it couldn't, just that it never did). I also just find it funny, mostly seeing people reactions. But there is another positive aspect: It works like a charm on some girls! A latina girl came to dance with me on stage. She got good rythms and, hum, wandering hands. I actually never saw her face (only profile, since she was butt-humping me...can you say that?) and after a while I grew tired of it. Being on stage with those huge spotlights also made it too hot, I was sweating like a pig! Besides,the girls in my group were hotter and I was just not into meeting, hooking up and making out with girls (Guys were apparently another matter).

I had a Cosom Hockey (Hockey played in a gymnasium...not to be mistaken with floorball as Wikipedia seems to do) tournament in Trois-Rivières, about an hour and a half from Montréal. It was organized by UQTR's (Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières) recreology students whom body of students includes my friend (and ex-ex-girlfriend) Carolyne. She organized our team, made of great people, but we were missing a few ones and some other teams were just better than us. We lost our first two games and won the last one, but it wasn't enough to pass the preliminary round. I had fun though. Great organization, merci Carolyne!

So that's about it for the weekend, did nothing today, was a little sore from the combination of activities done on the previous day and I just felt like not doing much. Getting old? Not quite yet...

I have a sudden urge to play pool. The problem is that I would have to put clothes on, invite friends, get out of the house, drive to a pool hall...stuff like that.

Do I have the will for all that?

Time to go look where I could have put it...

Friday, March 24, 2006

Beware of imitations...Part II

Imitation is a form of flattery...I also have to insist on the fact that this image is a PARODY and not a sign of admiration...yet...;op

Time to go Copy & Paste more stuff...

Back to work actually...

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Beware of imitations...

There is only one Tupperfan:

Imitation is a form of flattery...Well, I'm flattered. And I have to say she does it with far more style than me! I also have to insist on the fact that this image was a PARODY and not a sign of admiration...;op

Me semble qu'il "manque" quelque chose, Stéf? ;op

So nothing else to report today, my life is dead, mostly thanks to my job...Oh! It reminds me, we had a formative test today in my training class. One of the ladies was so stressed about that little piece of shit (the test), downplayed all week by the trainer, that she puked all night long, did the test, went to puke again and then went home. I can understand, but still...

I guess I shouldn't judge, but some of those people put on my nerves...

Time to go count the days before quitting...and maybe think about soiled sheets (almost a housekeeping joke, isn't it BVI people?)...

Monday, March 20, 2006

Banff in Montréal!

Okay, well, first of all, I'll say it bluntly: My job sucks. But I'll endure since I'll be leaving in a month, right after being done with training, hehehe!

Pretty busy weekend! On Friday, St-Paddy's day, I had a reunion with a bunch of Banff friends. As you can see on the following pics, most of us are back in the "Belle Province" (Salut Tania, Marie-Michelle, Steti et Xavier)! So here are the pics, for "old time's" sakes!

Déjà vu...From left to right: Laurence (She went to Banff after I left), Valérie, me, Steph, Francis, Tanya, Rémi, Étienne...

"Freshly back from Banff Stéphane" and his birthday brother!

Just for fun, let's try to redo an old Banff pic...

...and let's try it again when Rhyms is pissed drunk as he should (This pic, contrary to what it looks like, was taken a few hours later...)

Classic Rhyms after making room for more beer (The stuff in got out by the top)...

The on and off and on and off and on and off couple: Étienne and Tanya!

The guys: Part of my head, Frank, Étienne, Rhyms and Steph

Frank and Rhyms kicking it old school...right...

Lau and Val. :op

Rhyms struggling...We tried to take a picture when he was asleep, but he kept realizing our intentions and fleeing.

Val and me. Guess who DIDN'T fuck! Refreshing! ;op

So that was my Friday. My Saturday was busy driving Val around (She's gone to Australia now! Bon voyage, mademoiselle!!), eating at my aunt (My mom's sister), which was great since I haven't seen my cousin (she's taller than me!) and uncle for years. It was followed by a midnight hockey game organized by my dad. My brother successfully ditched us at the last minute but it allowed me to steal his equipment, mine being...derelict. I felt so heavy on the ice for the first period and a half, I kept burping my amazing Thai food for the whole 1 hour 40 the game lasted...but at least at the end I felt like I was getting my moves back. It was also nice to see some paternal-side uncles and aunts I haven't seen, again, in a while (It was definetely family day!) but it destroyed my Saturday night. Good thing I guess.

So that's it for now, I'm leaving you with this nice "interdget"(Tupperfan's Dictionnary: Interdget: Short for "Internet Gadget". Characterize most of the stuff you'll find on the web.)

Time to go create more dumb words. And time to go sleep I guess...

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

It wasn't my best day ever...

Nope, it wasn't!

Well, mostly in regards to the wonderful public transportation that, how shall I put it, "plagues" Montréal suburbs. Nothing to say about the island of Montréal, but the sister island which is known as the City of Laval (the official name, for geography afficionados is Jesus's kinf of useful later in this paragraph) has a deficient system that made me use most of the religious profanities proper to Québécois French (As specified in this Wikipedia article about profanities and in this one, more specific to the Québec ones, as it is almost elevated to an art-form here!)

So, yeah, back to the point!

I had a hard-time getting to my new job this morning. Despite planning my itinary in advance thanks to the wonderful tools offered by the STL (Société de Transport de Laval) and STM (Société de Transport de Montréal) websites, I still got to the Montréal junction a little bit later than planned by the machine and I therefore had to find another way to finish my trip to work. I probably should have waited for the next bus on the same line, but decided instead, against my better judgement, and my guts, to take an alternative route that, of course, made me awfully late. Being quite ashamed of being 30 minutes late to work, I decided to go back home instead.

Then I realized it was a bad move and called the office. They told me that if I could make it for the afternoon, it would be great.

So here I was again, at a corner where two different bus lines are going to the same terminus. Of course, they are only a few minutes apart and then, nothing for an hour! So I'm waiting at the bus stop of the earlier one, the #70, but the other bus, the #27 is there before, on a different street corner. While I'm running to it, waving, and not more than 10 metres away from the bus stop, the driver nods to me and drives by...Fuck you! Osti de câlisse!!!

I then go back to the #70 bus stop, but being worried that the bus might have been, like the other, in advance, I look at the schedule and realize I've been fucked. I then run again to the other corner to look at the #27's schedule, again, the next bus is an hour later...While I'm looking at the unreliable piece of shitty paper, the #70 drives by in my face...Shit! Tabarnak de sacrament de crisse!!!

So basically, the #27 was 5 minutes in advance and the #70 was 5 minutes late!

Fucking STL!

Then I got back home, hoping my mother would come back home for lunch as she usually does, to pathetically drive her loser son to work. She didn't came (She did, but much later...). I tried to call her on her cell, the battery was dead!

Talk about odds against you!

So I called the guy at the office again. He empathically said it wouldn't be a problem for me to show up tomorrow, but it's the last chance. Tomorrow is a whole new day, hopefully!

So, to finish this post on a positive and light note, here's my reply to Charlotte's comment about my previous post:


"mmm. all 20 somethings look HOTT in suit and tie. all."

Thanks! But I still won't do your taxes! ;op

Time to go fill MY tax report and... get ready for tomorrow (I'll probably take the bus tonight or something, to be sure)!!!

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Salut les gars, bien dormi? Pas de réponse...tant pis!

Ho! Tomorrow's my last day of freedom, starting to work on Wednesday. I already know it will be a repetitive job (Thanks to the financial analyst who did a part of my 4th interview...) but it's only for a month and a half and besides, I seriously need the money!

As for anything else, I had a pretty good night yesterday but I won't say more on this (penses-tu que je vais faire la gaffe deux fois, hihihi)...

Jee introduced me to a great blog (in french only) written by a Montréal taxi driver. Really interesting, great pics of the city, by night. It already seems to be quite popular, but I think I'll put it as a permanent link...

Went to my dad to search for work clothes, got a suitcase full of interesting shirts and ties...Didn't find any last time and I thought they were gone. Quite happy I found these clothes, they were quite expensive, and despite the fact that my day-to-day wardrobe is almost completely out of Value Village, I do enjoy the "shirt and tie" look while at work, even when not mandatory.

Yes, you just read the above sentence on the same page where the header shows a naked guy and a "fuck corporate" drawing...

Time to go re-imagine my values...

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Keywords: tree-planting, treeplanting, tree-planter, treeplanter, tree-plant, treeplant...

Okay, I'm talking to all of you guys who are visiting this site looking for info or pics about treeplanting. I know, I check my stats, and there is a shitload of people, mostly Ontarians, ending up here after typing words like tree-planting. So I'll tell you a few things, mostly for you Ontarians since I mostly planted in your province:

First of all, if you guys are interested for the upcoming season and still don't have applied with any treeplanting company, you should get on that pretty soon! If you want more info before taking a final decision, you should visit this site.

If you want a quick glance at planter's life in various places and camp sizes, check out this picture slideshow(A pic or two of mine are there, as well as my ugly face).

So that's it for treeplanting for now, don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions, or if you're interested in buying your personalized treeplanter LEGO minifig:

Went to my weekly Web-TV project reunion yesterday. It's gaining momentum, there was five of us and we'll start to do casting calls in 3 Metropolitan Montréal Cégeps that have acting classes. Here's a pic of last night. Mat and I both wrote our first names on our Labatt Blue to be sure not to mix them up...A great idea given the fact we have the same first names!

Okay, so I got the ADT job today, I'm starting Monday. A funny anecdote: I met two of the bosses today. At first, they were reticent to hire me and I thought it was because I bordersucked (Tupperfan's dictionnary:Bordersuck: You suck, but not enough to be dismissed without consideration).

But then, I realized they were reticent to hire me was because I did quite well. "Almost too-well" in the exact words of the office manager (Don't remember his name, but I liked him). Actually, the two guys I met told me I was over-qualified and they were afraid I would rapidly get bored and leave. I was successful in convincing them it wouldn't be the case and they looked quite happy to hire me. I told them one of the reasons that attracted me to the job was the no-sale environment. The manager said that for a guy who didn't like sales, I scored pretty high on the sales results. I never said I was not good at sales, just that I didn't like to sell shit.

It's another matter when I have to sell myself. They were right to be worried, this is only a temporary job for me until treeplanting and I have learned a long time ago that I'll never be satisfied by an office job or working for others...doesn't mean I won't like the job or won't ask for an unpaid leave while I'm planting, just that their guts and/or the tests results were somehow right on! So I won't bullshit them, when the time arise, I'll tell them that I can't miss the opportunity to go back planting trees, that I would like to get back there after the planting season, but of course there is no way I could tell them that right now!

I STILL am a fucking liar!

But hey, I'm not a true asshole this time. They might be persons to the law, but corporations are not individuals in my eyes. So no guilt there. They'll put me on probation for three months, I'm barely doing the same!

Time to go file that growing nose...

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Happy Birthday!

Hey, it's been a year since I've started to post "regularly" on this blog (I wrote ONE post in the previous 3 years...hehehe). I thought of it while chatting with a friend on MSN (she asked me when Amy started to date Lars and it was around this time last year, which meant it was also around this time I started to blog).

So, I just checked and it's been exactly a year! Happy birthday...for what it's worth!

Been to my third interview with the same company, ADT, a security systems corp part of Tyco. It was a testing interview, they did I.Q. test, typing and customers situations...stuff like that. I think I fared well but I took a little too much time in the data comparison section and I didn't have time to finish. Apparently, you're not supposed to have time finishing that section but still, it's upsetting. There was something strange; They said that on each screen, the data would be either identical or there would be only ONE difference. There was one screen where there was clearly TWO differences. I wasted time on that one, quite confused, and I think I finally chose neither of the two differences in my confusion...

Mah, I'm done worrying for useless shit, it's just a job I want for my two months here before getting back to tree-planting. And I think they are a little zealous for a $12.29/hour job...

Should have news tomorrow...or not.

Before leaving, here's a LEGO minifig of the Belgian comic characterTintin, the reporter, as he appears in "Explorers on the Moon". I did it today and I'm quite proud, so here it is, hope you'll enjoy!

Allright, time to go walk on the moon!

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Best Blonde Joke Ever!!!

Here's the link to a great blonde joke! You'll laugh for sure...if and when you'll get it! ;op

On another subject, one of my custom Lego minifigs (and my personal favourite), Afro-Lego, found some kind of fame on Dunechaser's Blocklog.

I must say I'm quite honoured that Dunechaser noticed Afro-Lego, since I've been an occasional reader of his blog and his Minifigs are just great!!! His LEGO pics are also much better than mine! ;op

I have been planning to update the pictures of my LEGO minifigs for a while. I think I'll do it tomorrow, right after my University tour...

Yeah... I have to go to UQAM (Université du Québec À Montréal) to get some old records that are needed for my application at the Université de Montréal. A lady called me and it seems to be quite necessary in order for my application to be judged...I didn't even finish a semester there! I also learned that my first choice, Teaching French as a Second Language is a joint program between Université de Montréal and McGill University which is a cool and not cool thing. It is nice because I'll have a semester in French and one in English every year, it will offer variety and keep my languages ability on par with the job's requirements and my personal interests, but it sucks because I'll have to be associated with the "Harvard of the North" and one of Playboy's Top Ten party schools. Come on! Everybody knows that McGill looks like a Jesuit Monastery in comparison with any French-speaking university (Maybe not according to the pictures displayed in the "Journal de Montréal")!

Anyway, I'm not sure about being a McGill student, but I guess it's a prejudice opinion on my part so I'll keep my judgement until next year, when and if I actually study there...

As for sex and all, I'm happy to report that I have a virgin (pun intended) record since I'm back from Banff. I didn't do anything stupid and I've been in control of the "lower brain" until now. I'll touch wood (pun intended), but I hope to continue to use my good judgement. I'm not saying I won't say yes if I feel like it, just that I won't be stupid fucking without thinking and then regretting and hurting cupid (and girls...I just wanted to find a word rhyming with stupid, for symmetry).

I'm thinking of staying celibate until marriage. (As long as it's not vaginal intercourse it's okay, isn't it?) ;op

Time to go jerk off...(I'm a vulgar asshole, am I?)