Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Never had so much fun alone!

It's not what you think, pervs!

I had so much fun two days ago, on Easter sunday, walking the streets of Banff stoned(it made me miss Trek! Bah...).

I saw kids playing Lacrosse in a driveway! I mean, Lacrosse is Canada's official summer sport, I've played it in CEGEP(school beween High and University...) and saw it on TV, but it's not that mainstream! Back east, hockey have been the kids street sport for generations! I truly felt foreign, and I had a smile printed in my face for at least two hours. Walking trough the streets, surrounded by the beautiful mountains, I realized that I was happier than I've been in the last 3 months. Screw the bullshit(never do that literally!), I'm feeling so much better and the future is so bright(Observe the manic-depressive tendencies in the next post...)!

So, thinking about a shitload of crazy and inspirational ideas, I ended up in McDonald's(On Easter, WTF!?!) where I got two quarterpounders(is it a halfpounder?) Cadbury Creme Egg McFlurry to keep on the Easter theme. Was pretty good but hard to eat with a smile that wide! That will be the last time I post shit about McDonald's...

Since then, been crazy as usual, didn't get sleep two nights ago(I love New Zealand!) and there was a major pizza and beer party paid by the boss last night so I got 3 hours last night(plus 2 bonus napping hours). Will definetely think about going to bed early tonight and miserably fail to keep with the resolution! I can't wait for payday, which will only be next Tuesday. The worst is, I finally will get 2 days off on Sunday and Monday! Shit!

I really wanted to elaborate more and be more insightful, but the lack of sleep is just keeping my brain on first level cognitive process for now, so I'll go eat my soon-to-be specialty tomato spaghetti (Spaghetti Tomate-Basilic!) and will give the computer back to its rightful and very patient owner! I also wanted to thank my great friends J-S and Greig that sent me e-mails sharing their own travel experience and the maturity and wisdom they got from it. Great read in both case!

Until next time, support the denial of Belgium as a country by the UN!

Sunday, March 27, 2005

What you leave behind...

Hey, happy easter everybody!

My only day off this week, slept pretty well! Before getting to anything else, I think I might had a few problems with my e-mails, a few of you might have got a e-mail with a title and no text...There is a text, usually a long one painfully written over extended periods(okay, maybe I'm stretching a little there...) so please write me back and I'll try again...

So I was reading my last post again and I'm sorry I went too far in the details, but it reads pretty much like what I felt when I posted (and I was toking a little, which didn't help). Today, I relaxed a lot, had fun yesterday and am ready for my next week at work.

As for the title of my post, just a reference to all I left behind in Montreal. Some friends have not been updated for a while and didn't know what was happening whatsoever with me, so it was time to do catch up today. There is also people that I left behind both physically and poetically, like the "Artist Formally known as My Girlfriend" and "My Friend with a Viking-Sounding Name" that also happened to be a really good friend of mine...

A thing that sucks about him: How can you believe that somebody is really your friend and cares when you confided to him about your relationship, he advised you to break it up and then a few weeks later jumped on the occasion to declare his attraction to her? No, really, I would like an answer there! Would be great to get his, but he just doesn't have the balls to face me and explain! So I lost a friend and a business opportunity. Man it sucks!

I thought about that yesterday morning while cleaning the Hotel's Bar, not something I usually think about anymore but your mind wander when you work on your own all day. So it was my shitty moment. In the things you leave behind, there is also the Town of Banff. "Sex in Banff" (Canada is usually a little less...hot) is interesting but I look forward to get to the next step, my real plan for the summer which is treeplanting. I can't wait for May 1st and see all the friends in the Nickel Capital of the world: Crappy Sudbury, Ontario! I mean, come on, how can't you be interested by that:

Okay, it might not be for everybody, but it is for me and I'll be back there soon!

About my actual job, here's a few pros and cons:


-I work without any supervision
-I have my method and my pace and everybody is satisfied.
-It is a mindless job, which is practical giving that my brain is usually staying in bed, still exhausted from the previous night...
-8 hours/day assured, in contrary to housekeepers that usually end up working half the day (yeah, I know, it is a con too!).
-Free tips in the Bar, money being scattered on the floor and close to the video lottery terminals. Not as much as what the housekeepers get, but it paid a few lunches...


-Being called "buddy" by hotel guests...
-Cleaning shit in the washrooms(literally)
-Waking up at 6:30AM (Sometimes actually just staying up...)
-Dealing with a bunch of teenagers from every province, in Banff for the National Juvenile Ski Championships who are turning the hotel into a major pighouse...Man I hate scratching chewed gum in the lobby!
-Cleaning the liquor store, seeing all those great wines and knowing that the paycheck is only next week. Sticking up to cheap Old Milwaukee or Black Label Ice until then...

Now I must leave you behind, for now, because it's time for a fresh episode of the last season of Star Trek: Enterprise (hello to every "British-Canadian" Trekkie out there, TOS was incredible but DS9 was the best!) and I'll try to get hold on some Easter chocolate, but I'll be back!

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

To boldly go where every Quebecer has gone before

So it's been a while! Sorry for the delay, guess I lost my 3-4 readers(Hey hello Charlotte! Thanks for the nice comments, but your blog do rock! So listen other 2-3 readers, go read hers, she's in my Blog links)! It's been a crazy week and I honestly didn't have any money, time, and yes, will, to go post on the blog. But I paid $5 a month to a roommate/co-worker to use her internet and I'll be again able to blog frequently! Yeah!

So what happened this year, well I don't want this post to go forever so I'll try to be brief. here's a typical day this week:

6:45 AM: Wake-up
7:00 AM: Start to work
3:45 PM: Back home
4:00 PM: Nap
7:00 PM: Dinner
8:00 PM Start boozing and dancing
4:30 AM Go to bed

Well, it's been an average, there is a day I didn't sleep at all before getting to work and two where I actually did go to sleep before midnight(secondds before...). In the last 8 days, I've worked 7, partyed 6 and I had a lot of fun.

The staff accomodation where I live is split in two, the front is mostly english speaking, the back mostly french. I live in the front, with a roommate, J-R: a great funny guy reminding me of my favourite cousin (apart for the colour J-R added...) from a town, Bernieres, near Quebec City where I lived when I was about 10yo...Small world! I was also able to make similar connections(common friends, places) with other people, incredible! The French ghetto being the party place, I usually stay there for most of the evening/night/early morning. I actually speak french more frequently here than in Montreal when I was living with "The Artist formerly known as My Girlfriend".

Banff is not part of the "real world"...Drugs, crazy here but I kept to the usual pot(Some people are on ecstasy evey night!!!). About sex, well let's just say that men do have the advantage being selective here and that promiscuity is the way of life. In the staff accom, well, we could say that everybody is really friendly...Jee you told me about that...but still, it is a little surreal! (Okay, I admit, I'm sexually-obsessed) When are you coming here? We'll have a blast!I can also add, beware fragile eyes, that a girl on e will take a long, very long time to come...

As for people here, they are great but in dire need of being appreciated and listened because most of everybody here don't care about anybody but themselves. Thet want to be listened, appreciated and liked, but they don't want to do the effort. Here, people are ready to do ANYTHING to be liked. If you listened to them, they'll love you and you'll fit in so easily. Never got so many strangers to confide to me in a week! But they are great people.

Another thing here, everybody is fleeing from something or searching for themselves. The problem is, they are so busy looking for it than they don't have time to find it. Everything is dangeroulsy devoid of emotion here, it must remain at the first degree. Don't come here to fill your heart, come here to empty your brains and balls! Too much partying, too much easy, meaningless fun that you just put your worries in the back of your mind, me included I must admit. Guess they'll all come back when we leave, but I don't give a fuck, I actually needed the change and it feels great, the mountain air does clean your mind!

So that's about it for now, time for a nap and then a nice meat fondue and wine with the Francos. Will post soon! Will also try to post pics!

This post almost went forever but well, what can you really do about it?

Monday, March 14, 2005

How to get job(s) in Banff...

Step 1: Walk to stores and hotels
Step 2: Give resume and fill application form, talk to manager
Step 3: Start to work

I got 2 jobs in Banff today, the first one at the Safeway supermarket as an evening shift stocker (4-5 hours daily...) and the second one at the Voyager Inn (where a friend worked a few years ago). Finally took the second one for a few reasons:

-The pay is better
-Full time
-Staff accomodations ($5 daily, not too bad)
-They didn't ask me to shave my beard(Safeway did, fuckers!),it's trimmed and clean anyway!

Technically, I could work both but was it my plan to come to Banff to be a workaholic? Really...Treeplanting in a month and a half will be hard enough, I'll keep my energies and enjoy the place a little.

They asked me for the highly fashionable police check though. It is supposed to be illegal, but with so many people applying around, employers do have the advantage. A lot of places ask for it here, the worst is, I have to pay $20 for it. I have to pay to prove I did nothing wrong, isn't it crazy? Man, I approved loans in a bank and they didn't even ask for that! I also applied to the Banff Center, a beautiful location and it would be the perfect job, but they take a little more their time to look through applicants, I can't afford to wait so fuck them!

So tonight is my last night at the Australian Embassy (A.K.A. the YWCA - There is a shitload of them among staff and guests, great people though, a Foster's mate?), I have to get up early to go to work and then move my stuff to the Voyager. Look forward to be settled in. The plans for today? Well, I'll go around, eat something (I ran all day), get the police record at the RCMP and might go for an early beer...We'll see.

Feel like I'm forgetting something but cannot tell what so it'll have to wait until next post. Given my post frequency, despite promises of the contrary, I'll probably post tomorrow about the first day of work.

P.S: It's incredibly warm here, around 10 to 15 degree celsius, I wear my t-shirt outside! How cold is it back in Montreal? -10? Hahahahaha!

Sunday, March 13, 2005

Banff, Alberta welcomes Tupperfan!

Thank you, I appreciate it(You should have seen the crowd)!

Well, it's 9:20PM here, 11:20 Montreal's time. Been here since 3:30 this afternoon, walked around with my shitload of luggage, discovered town and crashed, exhausted, at the YWCA(I know...) around 5 for a long-awaited shower and a real meal! Might go for a beer tonight, met a few people in the bus as said previously, but also new people in the bus from Calgary to here and at the Y...The people are great!

Might have found a job for tomorow night if nothing works too fast with the Banff Center or any other hotel, the Safeway is apparently hiring a lot of night stockers and I have experience in that shit. Apparently, you might even work the same night. Well at least I don't have to worry about that; in Banff, if you don't have a job, it's because you don't want to work. My worry is a place to sleep, the Y is $28/night and it's roughly the same in any backpacker hostel(Jee, I guess the prices changed a lot in 4 years...$15-$18 my ass!). So I need to get a job that includes a bed, in other words, I need to get a hotel job! So I won't go to bed late tonight, I have to get up early to find something...

About the place, well, it's wonderful, mountains surrounding the small town(but they are blocking the view a little ;op) and the people splits between middle-aged Canadian or American tourists, Japanese tourists and young travellers, a lot of them Australian or British (and a fare share of French-Canadians too I must admit, three girls I met in the bus were from Montreal).

Just wanted to say that my bus ride was enjoyable, far less boring that I thought it would be and...profitable! I got $5 richer than when I left! I found $10 on the ground, a cashier gave $5 too much in change(I'm usually honest about that, but I was short so...Okay now I feel shitty about it!) and I spent a $10 in total during the ride. Cheap ride! Also got a trick from a guy in my dormitory, I actually thought about it but didn't have the guts. He said that you buy your bus ticket 2 weeks in advance(I bought mine a week before), but you take the bus the following morning, they never check the dates! Great plan, I'll do that when I'll have to come back to Sudbury in a month and a half.

That's all for me, the Internet is expansive at the Y. I also wanted to thank everybody that promised to mail but didn't(you know who you are). I don't really care anymore(less than the time spent writing about it), it's just that I get more personal news from a stranger in Salt Lake City! Thanks Charlotte, hope you had a good trip in California! How were the games?

Will post in a few days, hopefully from my new hotel/job. Time to hit the shitters to get rid of Ronald's crap...(Hmmm, poetic!)

Saturday, March 12, 2005

Ottawa, Petawawa, Mattawa, Wawa...

Wow, more than 24 hours in the Ontarian forest...Am in Brandon, Manitoba for a short break, there was a terminal and somebody already paid, decided to post a little thing...

Met nice people in the bus, some going to Banff...

Had a question, when you have sex in a plane, you're part of the "mile-high" club. What is it in a bus? The "miles-long"?

Bah, not important, brain numb from lack of sleep and bad inconsistent food...

See you later in Banff! Just figured out I'll be there on Sunday, not Monday...I'm great!

Friday, March 11, 2005

Planet Me!

So I'm gone from Daddy's basement. Still in Montréal though, leaving tomorrow at 7AM.

Tonight, I went to see Hitch with my friend Jee...It was definetely a date flick. Jee actually tried to kiss me but I told him I was not ready for that kind of involvement yet. But I'm sleeping at his place tonight, it will be easier to leave from there. With what happened tonight, it'll be awkward! Hehehe!!!

Seriously, the movie made me realize I was done with relationships for a long while. Why? Well, I'm sick of ending up with people who don't know what they want from life and relationships and aren't even sure if they want or love you. Ususally they don't, but you won't know that until the'll get rid of you under false pretenses and just leave you feel miserable. They put their shit on you and you're the one ending up in pieces, destroyed, heartbroken...

Not for me anymore!

But the movie was good though, funny stuff. In the trailers prior to the movie, there was a few potentially interesting movies, including a new animation movie from the dudes that did Ice Age: Madagascar! It seems quite funny, Ben Stiller, Chris Rock, David Schwimmer(sp?) are providing voices...

Is it U2 that said "No man's an Island?" (Will have to watch About a boy again!). Well I think it's actually not true, better, everybody's a planet; Planet Yourself! Of course, you're part of something bigger and being influenced by your surroundings, but you mostly live for yourself, and decisions and actions will be taken with you first in mind most of the time.

It explains why we'll see other people's actions as bad or good, because we will see them with our own standards in mind. It doesn't mean those people are essentially bad, but they might still hurt you. The contrary also applies, people that might usually be seen as evil can be good to you. Anyway, I'm leaving you with a few pictures I took months ago. I call them "Planet Me". How will you judge the people below? Can you? Even if the focus is on them and nothing else can catch your attention?

I'll let you ponder on that, I'm gone tomorrow and I'll probably won't be able to post until monday afternoon, unless I find an internet station in a Winnipeg or Regina bus station. One thing for sure, I'll be farther from here. I'm leaving my comfort zone, I now enter the unknown. Man, I really don't know what to expect! Wish me luck!

Thursday, March 10, 2005

It's not warm for the water pump!

What's up with that expression? The original saying: "C'est pas chaud pour la pompe à eau!" was invented by friends. I translated it. It means exactly what you think it means if you thought it meant: "It's cold for my private parts!" If you thought it meant something else, well, you're wrong.

Just had a lot of fun slightly modifying the HTML codes of my blog page to personalize it a little. It's late, but as usual, I can't sleep. Tonight is my last night sleeping at my dad's home in his very cold basement. (My god, I'm back when I was 18, living in my parents basement...). It's also cold outside, but usually it's pretty well insulated...

Went to see my little sister at her figure skating practice tonight. Being a hockey player, I found the rythm and the coaching methods rather unusual. But I must admit it was efficient if a little slow. Figure skating is probably one of the most dangerous sports to practice giving the fact they don't wear any protection at all! And when you land on your butt with leggings...Whooo, must be freezing! (I don't know what's my sudden obsession with cold, I'm usually not such a sissy). Anyway, here's some pictures taken by the dad a few weeks ago:

My sister is the little girl smiling, reaching for the coach's hand:

Again, in the middle, holding the coach's hand:

The sis is funny! She skates like a hockey player thanks to my dad's teachings...A real shame! Speaking of shame, while looking for the photos, I got a great fuzzy one of myself advertising cheap Canadian beer for free. Nice hair Tup!

Yeah, I really want to stay single!

Wow Tupper, what kind of post are you writing? No dark thoughts! No bad feelings, no sadness, no need to express love, turned into hatred, turned into rage, turned into hunger. I'm hungry, time to go get some free food while it last!

A little more than a day before having to fight for the best seats in the bus! And only 5 days before getting to Banff dirty!

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Maybe you've been brainwashed too...

I wanted to do a post using only lyrics that would have expressed what I feel like, but I think it might either have been far too long or there was a posting problem because it never worked...

I had maybe 4 songs lyrics from Reel Big Fish, a band I personnaly related to for the last 7 years (I know, I'm a loser...), including one, Beer, that I promised myself would never be appropriate to my relationship with Champs-Élysées. (Wrong!)

I also had two songs from Less Than Jake that followed each other. I wrote both of those songs lyrics on C-É computer last summer, in a "secret" message to her. The first part was about always being there when needed. The second part, about letting go, was written in white against a white background, making it invisible unless she selects it and change the text color. It was a "just in case" message, perfect for the current situation. The RBF lyrics are also on the computer (Well, it was the only computer we had...)

So I realized that it was a little too crazy anyway and that, after reading the lyrics, it might have been a little depressive, and I don't really feel depressed so, screw the lyrics! It will be my thoughts here! You can find those bands lyrics everywhere, this blog is my tribune.

But, going against everything said in the last paragraph, I still decided to keep one song lyrics in this post. The title line Maybe You've Been Brainwashed Too appears after every line in the original lyrics, but it's easier to read without it. Note that if you listen to the song on the album, both titled "Maybe You've Been Brainwashed Too" , those lyrics aren't the ones sung. If you read the last two lines of the following lyrics, you'll understand why:

Consider the fact that
Maybe Youve been brainwashed too
Many will tell you otherwise
I bet you trust your bank
Just wait untill it tanks
Your parents had it planned
We're almost like them?
Fun, racist professional sports
Management gets the real rewards
Multi national owned evening news
If we believe we're fools
You watch 4.5 hours of t.v a day
And we should listen to what you say?
Opinions on life and the world
You eat at the Hard Rock abroad and you disrespect your girl
Sexism is so ingrained
That women get the blame
Is it smug middle class satisfaction you peddle?
Better hope your car don't breakdown in the Ghetto
Rich companies lobby best
Use their products, prepare to lose a breast
Why your sick mothers health insurance got
"Accidentally" cancelled is no mystery
Somebody's paying the government a lot to have access to everybody's medical history
Greedy banks bought all the farms
Chemical food, aren't our lives charmed
Teenagers baited, their money spent
With credit cards at 20%
Too broke to worry about the loan
Their funkin turning off your phone
And politics, a fuckin joke
Right and left - they're both a hoax
Just hope the "international" markets don't crash!
Rock N Roll! Some truth? Alas!
Careerist cowards sucking ass
Is real investigative reporting dead?
Of course, but keep watching your CNN
The glitz, the glamor, all jokes aside
If a sponsor pays enough, they'd turn a blind eye on third world genicide
"Bro, don't get heavy, the bills are paid!"
Twice a week (missionary style) we all get laid
Middle management goes first, your out on your ass
Most ignorance is bred at home
Good Christian families? then why condone
Petty hatred of anything different or new
The fat girl hung herself in June
No love at home, they thought she was strong
Her classmates made up her own song
"Piggy Peggy ate everyone's pie"
The kids moved on, one teacher cried
The kids switched targets the week after she died
Well? human nature wont change much
Unless we make a shameful bunch
Of those we see so glaringly
Who show hate, ignorance, and hypocracy
Don't be a coward-make a stand!
Get in their face-act like a ham
Let people know it's not PC
To be greedy and judgemental under the guise of religion and democracy
Get loud and stand up every time
If you give a fuck about man kind
Cuz if human nature don't evolve soon
Don't kid yourself, you're fucking doomed
Don't run away from change and growth
Let's start right now, "I take the oath!"
But first accept one simple truth
That maybe you've been brainwashed too

So cynical, so hip, so full of shit,
They told us to shut the fuck up and write another hit

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Warning: Lots of washroom "anal"ogies...

Success! I just shat wonderfully!

In a perfect world, it would be the only thing to report, but sadly, there is more to my life than taking craps, and the washroom is probably the place with the least amount of shit!

So what's new then? Well...I didn't sleep well last night, I almost destroyed my back yesterday by shoveling the white shit (sometimes also known as "snow") outside for an hour and by playing with my little sister (She's soon to be 6, the greatest little girl ever!), here's a picture, maybe a year and a half old but it's a cute one...

We went to play again outside tonight, we had fun and it helped change my mind...It wanders a little too much right now, and it usually always end up back to one subject...Ex-Girlfriend! Well, I won't call her like that, and I won't use her name since I don't even use mine(Why? Maybe because I know myself?)! I still want to be respectful so I'll call her...Hmmm, let's see...How should I call her? Champs-Élysées!?! That will be her nickname, I think she'd like it if she ever end up reading my shit.

So C-É (I'll keep it short most of the time...) is in my mind today. Well, it's my fault, I called yesterday to tell her I won't need her mom to look for my treeplanting shovel at her Ontarian home, since it was at my mom's, and to remind her not to forget to send all the mail at my dad's home. Of course, I went offtrack a little and ended up thinking about her and everything for most of the night (this and the backpain was not the best sleeping cocktail).

Got an e-mail from her this afternoon, nothing actually bad, but of course I had to over-analyze everything and got upset. I called back, we talked for what? Maybe 30 minutes about stuff we already talked about and just ended up feeling more shitty than anything. So what with it? Did I feel better? No! Did she? Probably not! Did it change anything? Of course not! It was completely useless and destructive. Those discussions always end up messing with you anyway, because you dig in the shit to dig a shitter...

So Tupper, what did you learn today? My little sister doesn't understand the sentence "I'm exhausted!" yet!

That's great, but in regards to your "shitty" theme of the day? Oh, yes, right! Humm, well, take some perspective on it, let the dirt come back down, no calling or writing or telegraphing C-É...

Leaving everything behind to go at the other end of the country won't help if I don't change my mindset, but at least if I can change my surroundings and keep my mind occupied by something else...I don't know! Shit man!

What I know is, I'm not ready to deny my feelings, but I can't deny she did so with hers, or she got rid of them slowly or whatever! So I have to accept that, put my feelings somewhere (maybe on a blog!), and leave them there for now. Given the right conditions, with some water and sun (and maybe talking once in a while), the feelings might stay alive or grow, if they are abandonned or don't want to be taken care of, well, the feelings will die and disappear...or maybe, with luck, they might survive! To put an end to gardening references, my feelings are like a cactus: It hurts, but it can survive a long time without care!

I read my blogpage subtitle yesterday and realized that saying "I used to be a liar" might lead some people to think I'm bullshitting here. Here are the reason why it's not the case:

-I would be a total dumbass (I'm an asshole, not a dumbass...) to lie about the stuff I wrote here. This is mostly loser stuff, so lying about it would mean what? Do you really expect me to answer this?

-While, as said before, I appreciate the "possible readership" and one of the reason I blog is to update my friends while being away, I'm mostly writing this blog for myself, as I did many times before on various forms (writing on myself was the worst...Couldn't keep tracks of events), so it would mean I'm lying to myself. While I admit I did that before, I don't feel it would really help me now and it wouldn't go with my whole concept of changing and getting kicked in the ass!

-I wrote "I used to be a liar", past tense...I'll try to keep it that way. Until now, complete success! Yeah!

So, trying to change the subject, I have dumb friends who fought with me all day long last Sunday trying to convince me that roosters can impregnate hens by their yelling...They sounded pretty serious and got me to fight with them and even had to find proof of chicken mating. I know they were joking but they held their position and kept their seriousness. They never kept it before! And I bit it completely! Guess I'm taking everything too seriously right now, they proved it by the way they got me! Thanks guys! (But don't write to me saying that rooster thing is true, and no chicken poo jokes!)

A postcard from the wonderful Metropolis of Toronto (how to "nail" a crazy guy):


Have to go, lots of stuff to get ready for the big trip. A little more than 2 days before leaving for Banff!

Tomorrow: Lessons learned from using crap as an analogy in a blog!

EDIT: I wanted to talk about the International Women's Day all day, but completely forgot while writing my post (I know, I suck and my timing does too!). I just wanted to say that I look forward to the day when those kind of days won't be necessary anymore. Of course, for now, this day is necessary everywhere, even in the most "advanced" countries, and there is a lot of work to be done. This day is necessary to think about our actions, our mentalities, our ways. But all the other days of the year are there for us to act upon what came out, what was thought, said, felt today. In the hope that, one day, equality will be such a taken that sexism, racism and other forms of intolerance will make those "days" and those words obsolete.

Monday, March 07, 2005

Wow! I had a blog here!

Don't know where this blog will end up but if the previous entry is any indication, I'll probably post again in 2008...

The reason why I'm starting (or restarting) a blog is simple: Two weeks ago I started to change a lot of things in my life. Some changes were imposed upon me, others had to be done reluctantly and I finally realized that some of those changes were not only necessary, but also desired.

When started in September 2002, this blog was supposed to be bilingual (English and French). Altough, my native language is french (I'm French-Canadian), I'll now keep it to english only for a few simple reasons:

A) I don't want to repeat myself twice everytime I post, mostly because I know I'll end up posting novel-length stuff here, and probably repeat myself enough in one language!

B) A lot of my friends are english-speaking only, and most of my french-speaking friends can read english, so if any of those end up reading my absurd babling here, well, most of them will be able to at least understand the words, if not what I meant. English is widely understood around the world, thus making this post readable for more people (readable doesn't mean it'll actually be read).

C) I'm already used to writing logs in english; I kept a journal for most of last summer while tree-planting (more on that later), and I wrote in english in order to share it later with my English-speaking girlfriend(that status was one of the recent changes in my life, now you have to add the prefix "ex" to it, and sometimes other prefixes also apply, but I'll try to keep it civilized...

D) I'll be able to improve upon my english skills...

Okay, already going crazy with details! I just want to add a few things before posting this:

- This is an adult post, written by an adult (officially, but sometimes I forget) and aimed to be read by adults (again, officially...). It is possible, once in a while, that my posts will involve mature subjects like sex, alcohol, drugs, politics, religion, fiscal matters and LEGOs. I'll probably swear once in a while, both in english and french, and probably in other languages too! If you're offended by those things, leave immediately...and don't write to me in order to try to change me! That includes you mom (I actually don't expect my mom to read any of this-- and I hope she won't)!

- As previously stated, english is not my first language. Therefore, mistakes of any kind, mostly typos, as well as sentences completely impossible to understand will probably appear in my posts in a frequency that cannot be known for now. I'll be more than happy to get one's suggestions and/or corrections, but don't tell me that my grammar or syntax sucks just because you're bitter. I know I suck, I'm trying to improve, but ultimately, I know I can express myself and I do know how to spell "Fuck You!"

- This blog is intended mainly as a way of expressing myself and keeping track of events as they unfold, since it's not always possible to tell someone and because I like to write and record pieces of my life. Of course, I'm a little exhibitionist (and probably egocentric) and enjoy people reading about what I live, despite the fact that I'll probably be the only one reading those posts. Besides, your lives are at least as interesting as mine, if you have to focus on one, take yours!

- I have a strange sense of humor, highly absurd and self-delusory. I also have the bad habit of "consciously" making bad jokes. Sorry in advance!

- About myself, well I'll just say that I left my job at Bell Mobility (A Canadian cell-phone company), that my girlfriend and me broke up our three years-old relationship and I therefore left the appartment we shared in downtown Montréal, Québec, for a temporary, one-week long stay at my father's home in the suburbs (I'm writing from there right now, this post being a result of boredom, mostly), all of that in the last two weeks! Friday morning, March 11th, I'm leaving for Banff, Alberta, at the other end of the country. I don't have a slight idea of what to expect or what is awaiting me there! And that's great! I was sick of the routine, of the never-changing shit and of stagnating like I did in the last three years(If not more!). I'm 25 years-old and would like someday to be a novelist. I would also like to start a student bar/restaurant.

That's about it for an introduction. Will post soon!

3 days before leaving for Banff (roughly, a 56 hours bus-ride)!