Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Three bags and a big bin

The complete inventory of my belongings. Right, everything I own is either in my bags with me in Timmins or in my tent back at camp, my home for the next three months, roughly.

Happy birthday mom! Happy bithday grandpa Hudon! I'll try to call soon, mostly since you don't read this blog. (Hopefully!)

I bought a digital camera! The most expensive thing I own right now and a great buy! So now you'll be able to see a little of what I describe in my posts, see a little of the sketchy and dirty world I'm living in right now.

I don't really have a lot to say, I think a lot while planting and I usually get good topics, but I have to wait until day off to post and by then, my brain is usually in a temporary coma from the previous night of boozing. All I can say is that all is well, many people here are saying I look much happier than last year and it is simply true. And as said last week, I actually enjoy planting trees and I'm earning pretty good money. (Guess it'll all change when the black flies will get out)

This week, contrary to our warm first week, it rained, snowed and hailed(sp?) and it was fucking cold, but at least it made sure we would get another week of planting without any bugs, they probably will get out this week...fuck!

So here's a few pictures for your personnal pleasure, but mostly for mine, playing with my new toy and talking about myself again. Bigger versions of those pictures can be found here.

First, let's show the crew. Taken after a day on the block, while waiting for the bus. We lost two guys since then, one, Sebastien, just got a job in his field in Montreal (He was the only other Quebecer in the crew, the fourth from the right) and the other, James, just didn't like it. (The fourth from the left, with the glasses, it even shows on the picture...) I'm in orange, at the extreme right, leaning on my friend Kenny's helmet:

That's my house, with the really useful and highly fashionable milk crates:

A bush road, nothing too exciting, really. But it gives you an idea of (no)where we are:

Adam and me in the hotel lobby last week. What a great hat!

Those two guys are crazy! Luke, the one on the right was pissed drunk on our way to camp after last day off, he drank more than a forty of Vodka! Awful! The other one, Johnny Pro is naturally crazy, almost dangerously so, but we had a good time laughing (mostly at them, sadly) in the bus. Johnny Pro pissed in a Gatorade bottle and a Tim Horton's coffee cup while on our way and it was obviously a classy moment...I'll probably have more on him later:

Sebastien and Kenny trying to keep their balance without touching anything (they'd lose points...) in the back of the bus after a long and hard day planting trees:

In the bus, minutes later, blurry pic because it was a shaky ride. I didn't call the picture, but strangely, people look like they are aware a picture is being taken:

Kerri and Kenny after a meeting in the bus, drinking the mandatory hot chocolate:

A quite drunk Laura and a "trying to look cool" Tup, yesterday at the bar:

Amy, my crewboss last year, and me. She's delivering our trees this year:

Jeremy and Callan. She's my crewboss this year and she's a great girl! Yes, I know, everybody looks drunk. It's because we were!

Finally, a great blurry picture of Dan and Jeff, the dancing kings:

So that's about it for me for now. Time to go waste my last hours in Timmins before getting back to camp for another great week without taking a shower. Better pictures next week, and I'll try to come with interesting stuff to say. Until then, do whatever you want or can and don't forget to have a little bit of fun!

Monday, May 09, 2005

I survived!

First week of planting done. Hard, but surprinsingly fun. I planted really good numbers this week too! It's 10PM right now and I just wanted to check my mails, I'll post tomorrow about everything, there is kind of a shitload. Now time to go have fun.

For the ones that cannot understand my friend Matt comments to previous posts, you're missing something.

It was my friend J-S's birthday a few days ago, bonne fete mon gars! I'll call you!

It was my sister's birthday yesterday, bonne fete ma chere petite soeur, I'll call you also, mostly because you can't read this.

Need news guys, write to me! I'll write my mails tomorrow.

Shortest post ever, feels good!